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29 September 2016

Europol report reveals rise in child sex abuse online (BBC News)

Sex offenders are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to target children online and investment is needed for the technologies to track them, Europe's police agency warns.

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Donuts Offers Better Protection For Trademark Owners Across All Its gTLDs 'Cheaply'

Donuts is rolling out an expanded service allowing trademark owners to protect their trademarks and related terms across all of Donuts' new gTLDs at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the same terms. The upgraded service commences 1 October and runs for three months.

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28 September 2016

.SHOP Launch Shows GMO's $41.5m Investment Should Pay Off Handsomely

The General Availability for the .shop new gTLD commenced on 26 September, and already the new gTLD is looking like being a great investment for the Japanese GMO Registry after it paid $41.5 million at auction for the rights to operate it, as well as no doubt a few million more to get it to market. At the time it was the most paid for any new gTLD, however this has been eclipsed by the $135 million paid by Verisign-backed Nu Dot Co for the rights to operate .web.

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Facebook told to stop collecting German WhatsApp data (BBC News)

Facebook has been ordered by a German privacy regulator to stop collecting and storing the data of German users of its messaging app WhatsApp.

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Phone Makers Could Cut Off Drivers. So Why Don't They? (New York Times)

... The product liability case has brought to light a piece of evidence that legal and safety experts say puts Apple in a quandary -- one it shares with other wireless companies. In Apple's case, the evidence shows, the company has a patent for technology designed to prevent texting while driving, but it has not deployed it.

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At your service: cyber criminals for hire to militants, EU says (Reuters)

Cybercriminals offering contract services for hire offer militant groups the means to attack Europe but such groups have yet to employ such techniques in major attacks, EU police agency Europol said on Wednesday.

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Why data is the new coal: Deep learning needs to become more efficient if it is going to move from using data to categorise images of cats to diagnosing rare illnesses (The Guardian)

"Is data the new oil?" asked proponents of big data back in 2012 in Forbes magazine. By 2016, and the rise of big data's turbo-powered cousin deep learning, we had become more certain: "Data is the new oil," stated Fortune.

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When is Google's birthday? Surely Google knows. You do know, right, Google? (The Guardian)

What's that Google? It's your 18th birthday today? Happy birthday Google! You're now old enough to drink in Britain. Though the existence of Google Plus suggests you've been quietly breaking that law for a while now.

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27 September 2016

.CLOUD Growing Day By Day Passes 70,000 Registrations With CNN Television Campaign Underway

The .cloud new gTLD passed the 70,000 registration mark in mid-September, almost nine months to the day after General Availability commenced and continues growing, with many but by no means all registrations in the cloud computing sector.

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Germany seeking comprehensive 5G mobile network: report (Reuters)

Germany wants to become the first country to set up a comprehensive 5G mobile network, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung quoted digital infrastructure minister Alexander Dobrindt as saying in Tuesday's editions.

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The Democratization of Censorship (Krebs On Security)

... However, events of the past week have convinced me that one of the fastest-growing censorship threats on the Internet today comes not from nation-states, but from super-empowered individuals who have been quietly building extremely potent cyber weapons with transnational reach.

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German minister sets March deadline for fight against online hate (Reuters)

Justice Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday the German government could take legal action against Facebook and other social media groups if they do not intensify their fight against illegal hate speech or Islamist "terror phantasies".

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Twitter could take many forms, depending on new owner (Reuters)

With speculation mounting that Twitter Inc will soon have a new corporate owner, the 10-year-old social networking service - which has long struggled to define its core purpose -may end up heading in one of several distinctly different directions depending on who ends up paying for it.

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26 September 2016

Thailand considering tougher tax collection rules for internet, tech firms (Reuters)

Thailand is studying plans to toughen tax collection rules for internet and technology firms like Alphabet Inc's Google, the head of the Revenue Department told Reuters, as the tax affairs of these firms comes under growing scrutiny in Southeast Asia.

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Facebook 'blocks accounts' of Palestinian journalists (Al Jazeera)

Editors from two Palestinian news publications based in the occupied West Bank say their Facebook accounts were suspended last week and that no reason was provided, alleging their pages may have been censored because of a recent agreement between the US social media giant and the Israeli government aimed at tackling "incitement".

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Swiss endorse new surveillance powers (BBC News)

Swiss voters have given a strong approval to a law on new surveillance powers for the intelligence agencies.

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24 September 2016

Hackers Trawl User Data in Hopes a Small Target Will Lead to a Big One (New York Times)

In disclosing that at least 500 million of its user accounts had been hacked, Yahoo blamed an unnamed "state-sponsored actor" for the intrusion. While Yahoo customers were caught by surprise, officials in Washington were not.

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23 September 2016

Attack on Yahoo hit 500 million users (BBC News)

Yahoo says hackers stole information from about 500 million users in 2014 in what appears to be the largest publicly disclosed cyber-breach in history.

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22 September 2016

Nokia touts latest breakthrough in achieving mega fast internet speeds (

Imagine being able to download the entire Game of Thrones series in high definition in less than one second.

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Cyber attacks on satellites could spark global catastrophe, experts warn (The Independent)

The world is dangerously unprepared for a global disaster sparked by cyber attacks on space infrastructure, experts have warned.

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Ted Cruz is wrong about how free speech is censored on the Internet by Tim Berners-Lee and Daniel Weitzner (Washington Post)

Sen. Ted Cruz wants to engineer a United States takeover of a key Internet organization, ICANN, in the name of protecting freedom of expression.

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EU plan swaps roaming fees for roaming fudge (PC World)

The European Commission has reworked its plan to end mobile phone roaming fees in the face of widespread criticism of its 90-day annual limit.

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Stop Piracy? Legal Alternatives Beat Legal Threats, Research Shows (TorrentFreak)

Threatening file-sharers with high fines or even prison sentences is not the best way to stop piracy. New research published by UK researchers shows that perceived risk has no effect on people's file-sharing habits. Instead, the entertainment industries should focus on improving the legal options, so these can compete with file-sharing.

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21 September 2016

Google gets more time to counter EU antitrust charge on Android (Reuters)

Alphabet's Google has been given an extra three weeks to respond to EU antitrust charges that it abused its dominant Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

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MMX Reveals $7.1 Million Investment By Chinese

MMX, or Minds Machines, certainly sees a bright future in China. In an announcement on the London Stock Exchange Tuesday, the company announced a Chinese investment company based in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands will be buying £5.5 million ($7.1m) worth of shares in the new gTLD company.

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