Google and Skype could be hit by India data curbs

Posted in: Legal & Security at 31/08/2010 23:00

India has toughened its scrutiny of telecoms firms with a directive demanding "access to everything".

An Indian Home Ministry official told the BBC that "any company with a telecoms network should be accessible".

"It could be Google or Skype, but anyone operating in India will have to provide data," he said.

The move follows high-profile talks with Blackberry maker Research in Motion about ways to allow Indian security forces to monitor data.

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India says will ask Google, Skype for data access
India on Wednesday launched a clampdown on major Internet communications firms, including Google and Skype, and began accessing some BlackBerry traffic in a campaign driven by security fears.

Home Secretary G.K. Pillai said notices were being sent to Google and Skype asking them to set up servers in India and allow access to web data that officials fear could be misused by militants.

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