Back Online

Posted in: Domain Names at 15/12/2010 20:36

The domain name is back in action following the decision by EveryDNS to terminate registrar services for the domain last week at the height of the assault on the whistle-blowing website.

The assault on WikiLeaks following the often embarrassing leaking of communications between government officials included companies such as Amazon ceasing hosting of the website and MasterCard and Visa stopping processing of donations to the website, although the credit card companies were still providing payment services for those wishing to donate to organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan.

The is using the US registrar Dynadot as its registrar and DNS provider while the website has been hosted by Silicon Valley Web Hosting since Friday night reports Netcraft, although as reported it "does not appear to be serving any of the leaked cables or other content that it used to hold. Instead, the site immediately redirects visitors to a WikiLeaks mirror hosted in Russia."

As Netcraft notes, "it is surprising to see being hosted in the US again, even if it is only being used to redirect traffic."

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