2010: The Rise of Apps, iPad and Android

Posted in: Mobile & Wireless at 28/12/2010 21:05

In 2010, the computer truly went mobile.

Sure, users of Apple Inc.'s iPhone have had the Web in their hands since 2007. But this past year, smartphones plunged into the mainstream, giving millions of people the ability to browse the Internet, watch movies and stream music anywhere they could maintain a cellular or Wi-Fi connection -- and without having to find a place to sit down and boot up a laptop.

There were 81 million smartphones sold world-wide in the third quarter, the analysts at Gartner say, almost twice as many as a year earlier. They accounted for nearly one in five mobile phones sold that quarter. The chiefs of Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. think smartphones could account for nearly three of every four phones sold by the middle of the decade.

This surge has upended the balance of power in the wireless market.

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