Opinion: How Videogames Are Changing the Economy: From Silicon Valley to China to media, they are leading the next productivity revolution. So hug a geek today

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 04/01/2011 17:08

This fall, the Chinese National University of Defense Technology announced that it had created the world's fastest supercomputer, Tianhe-1A, which clocks in at 2.5 petaflops (or 2,500 trillion operations) per second. This is the shape of the world to come -- but not in the way you might think.

Powering the Tianhe-1A are some three million processing cores from Nvidia, the Silicon Valley company that has sold hundreds of millions of graphics chips for videogames. That's right -- every time someone fires up a videogame like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, the state of the art in technology advances. Hug a geek today.

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