Growing alarm over child porn epidemic

Posted in: Child Protection&Online Safety at 08/02/2012 17:51

Child pornography use has reached epidemic proportions in Australia, as paedophiles increasingly record themselves molesting children before swapping the images with other abusers, federal police have warned.

With the rise of file-swapping, the images and videos are used as ''currency'' by abusers to buy their way into transnational groups that trade the material. In some cases, police have found terabytes of material, too much to store on most personal computers.

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Police fear child porn epidemic in Australia [AAP]
Child pornography is running at epidemic proportions in Australia with the abusive material being used as currency by pedophiles to buy their way into online groups, Fairfax Media says.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) have told Fairfax that where once there might have been hundreds of images on a suspect's computer, there are now hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of images of young children being molested.

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