Yahoo dropped from objectionable content lawsuits in India

Posted in: Censorship at 06/03/2012 16:47

[IDG] Civil and criminal claims that Yahoo hosted objectionable content were dropped in India, after it was found that there was no such content on its websites, according to people close to the situation.

Over 20 Internet companies including Google face both a civil and a criminal lawsuit in India for allegedly hosting content on their websites that was considered objectionable by the plaintiffs, as it allegedly mocked Indian religious figures and gods.

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HC quashes criminal proceedings against Yahoo India [PTI]
The Delhi High Court today quashed criminal proceedings against Yahoo India, which was summoned along with 20 other websites to face trial for allegedly hosting objectionable content on their web pages.

"The summons issued against Yahoo India is set aside," Justice Suresh Kait said while allowing the plea of the website that the lower court wrongly issued the process against it, without attributing any specific role to it.

India courts dismiss Yahoo, Microsoft lawsuits
Two Indian courts have struck Yahoo and Microsoft off a list of 22 Web companies that were hit with a lawsuit for hosting objectionable content on their Web sites, according to local reports.

Last Friday, the Delhi High Court exempted Yahoo from the legal proceedings as the judge ruled that the lower court had wrongly issued process against Yahoo without evidence, reported the Times of India.

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