Apple subpoenaed by FTC over Google's search deal on iPhone and iPad

Posted in: Government & Policy at 15/03/2012 16:03

A US antitrust investigation into Google has subpoenaed Apple to find out more information about the deal by which the search giant provides services for the iPhone and iPad, according to Bloomberg, citing sources inside the Federal Trade Commission which is carrying out the probe.

The FTC began investigating Google's position in the US search market last year to determine whether it unfairly increases advertising rates for competitors, and whether its search results are skewed to favour its own businesses - such as its burgeoning social network Google+.

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Apple subpoenaed in FTC's Google case, report says
Apple is one of several handset makers that have reportedly been subpoenaed as part of the Federal Trade Commission's antitrust probe into Google.

According to Bloomberg, two unnamed "people familiar with the matter" have said that the agency is seeking answers about how Google's search engine is used on the iPhone and iPad. The request is reportedly asking for documentation including the deal that made Google the preferred search engine on iOS devices.

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