Cyber war and peace: Greater dependence on networked computers and communication leaves the US more vulnerable to attack than others by Joseph S Nye

Posted in: Legal & Security at 23/04/2012 14:52

Two years ago, a piece of faulty computer code infected Iran's nuclear programme and destroyed many of the centrifuges used to enrich uranium. Some observers declared this apparent sabotage to be the harbinger of a new form of warfare, and United States Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta has warned citizens of the danger of a "cyber Pearl Harbour" attack on the US. But what do we really know about cyber conflict?

The cyber domain of computers and related electronic activities is a complex man-made environment, and human adversaries are purposeful and intelligent. Mountains and oceans are hard to move, but portions of cyberspace can be turned on and off by throwing a switch. It is far cheaper and quicker to move electrons across the globe than to move large ships long distances.

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