Facebook buys AOL patents from Microsoft in $550m deal

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Facebook is paying Microsoft $550m (£341m) for some of the patents it recently bought from AOL.

Microsoft paid more than $1bn for most of AOL's patents, beating rivals reported to have included Facebook.

A Facebook lawyer described the deal as: "Another significant step in our ongoing process of building an intellectual property portfolio to protect Facebook's interests."

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Facebook buys AOL patents from Microsoft for $550M
Facebook is paying Microsoft $550 million in cash for a chunk of the patent portfolio that Microsoft recently acquired from AOL.

This is all part of Facebook's effort to fatten up its patent war chest as it prepares to go public next month and seeks to stave off potential litigation. It's currently embroiled in a big patent fight with Yahoo, and last month Facebook struck a deal with IBM to purchase some 750 of its patents, which cover "software and networking" technologies.

Microsoft Deal May Give Facebook Heft in Yahoo Patent Fight
Facebook's $550 million deal to buy hundreds of former AOL patents from Microsoft may give it an upper hand in the company's intellectual property fight with Yahoo.

It's unclear what technologies are included in the the 650 patents that Facebook purchased. But given what the legal shootout with Yahoo is over -- social networking, messaging, personalization of Web content and so on -- it appears that Facebook is trying to cover its bases.

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