A Revamping of Bing in the Battle for Search Engine Supremacy

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 11/05/2012 18:35

When Facebook goes public in the coming weeks, there will be a lot of winners. Among them is one of the stalwarts of the tech industry, Microsoft, which has a small stake in the company.

But Microsoft has an even bigger bet on Facebook through an alliance between its Bing search engine and the social network. And that partnership is about to get even deeper.

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Microsoft's Bing search engines to use Facebook tips
Microsoft is revamping its Bing search engine to include advice from Facebook and other social media platforms.

The move involves the introduction of a new sidebar which seeks to connect users with friends and other enthusiasts who can provide help.

The firm says it is based on the fact "90% of people consult with a friend or expert before making a decision".

Bing deepens Facebook integration, connecting searchers with friends
Microsoft is making yet another attempt to deeply integrate Facebook into its Bing search experience as a way to gain some ground on archrival Google.

Today, the software giant introduced an update to Bing, adding a new column to search results that features Facebook friends who might have some insight into the query. The sidebar, set off from the white Bing page in gray, lists friends who, for example, might be able to help with a search about diving spots in Costa Rica because they shared photos from a trip to that country on Facebook.

Microsoft Redesigns Bing in Bid to Win Share From Google
Microsoft Corp. unveiled a new design for its Bing Internet search engine to make results more social by listing related functions and content from a user's friends, without encroaching on regular query results.

The new design, being introduced in the U.S. over the next few days, divides the Web page into three. On the left, the biggest pane displays basic search results. The center column lists tasks associated with the query -- looking for restaurants will bring up maps and reservations pages. The final column shows related content from friends, such as who could help with the search and who "liked" an eatery on Facebook Inc.'s site.

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