To Settle Lawsuit, Facebook Alters Policy for Its Like Button

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 23/06/2012 19:56

Complicating its efforts to accelerate advertising revenue, Facebook has agreed to make it clear to users that when they click to like a product on Facebook, their names and photos can be used to plug the product. They will also be given a chance to decline the opportunity to be unpaid endorsers.

The changes are part of a settlement for a class-action lawsuit against Facebook in Federal District Court in California. The agreement compels the company to change one of its most effective advertising tools, known as Sponsored Stories.

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Up until now you had only a very limited time window to edit a comment. Just a few seconds after you posted, if you pressed the X to delete the comment, you had the temporary option to edit the comment for any reason. Perhaps you made a typo or changed your mind about what you said.

Facebook now lets you edit comments
We've all done it. Your friend uploads a picture of their new puppy to Facebook, and you somehow manage to leave a comment congratulating them instead on their "new pappy."

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