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04 April 2018

EU urged to act over social media and fake news (The Guardian)

A senior EU official has called for action against internet companies that harvest personal data, as Brussels prepares to move against those spreading “fake news” following the Cambridge Analytica revelations.

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Microsoft calls for dismissal of U.S. Supreme Court privacy fight (Reuters)

Microsoft Corp on Tuesday backed the Justice Department’s request that the U.S. Supreme Court dismiss a case pitting the two against each other over whether prosecutors can force technology companies to hand over data stored overseas after Congress passed a law that resolved the dispute.

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Exclusive: Facebook CEO stops short of extending European privacy globally (Reuters)

Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday that he agreed "in spirit" with a strict new European Union law on data privacy but stopped short of committing to it as the standard for the social network across the world.

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India's 'Fake News' Crackdown Crumbles Over Journalists' Outrage (New York Times)

The Indian government called the decree a crackdown on fake news. It lasted less than a day.

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Facebook Removes More Accounts Tied to Russian 'Troll Factory' (New York Times)

Facebook said on Tuesday that it had found and removed more than 270 accounts and pages controlled by Russia’s Internet Research Agency, the so-called troll factory that became notorious for posting fraudulent and divisive material on the platform during the 2016 presidential election.

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03 April 2018

Streamlining of .NZ Continues As InternetNZ and NZRS Merge

The integration and streamlining of the management of New Zealand’s country code top level domain continues with the announcement that New Zealand Registry Services merged with InternetNZ on 1 April.

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Facebook Is Not the Problem. Lax Privacy Rules Are. (New York Times)

As recently as 2010, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook, believed that privacy was no longer a “social norm.” But over the past few weeks — and not a moment too soon — he and his colleagues have learned that privacy still matters to individuals and society.

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They Tried to Boycott Facebook, Apple and Google. They Failed. (New York Times)

... As the reach and influence of Silicon Valley’s tech giants have increased, so have the calls to boycott their products and services. The problem is that pulling off a boycott is not exactly easy: The tech companies’ products are so pervasive that they are difficult to avoid.

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Australians ignorant about social media data, ACCC chief warns (The Guardian)

The Cambridge Analytica revelations have exposed how little Australians know about the extent of personal data held by Facebook and Google, according to competition chief Rod Sims.

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As Malaysia Moves to Ban 'Fake News,' Worries About Who Decides the Truth (New York Times)

In highway billboards and radio announcements, the government of Malaysia is warning of a new enemy: “fake news.”

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29 March 2018

Facebook privacy settings revamped after scandal (BBC News)

Facebook says an overhaul of its privacy tools will make it easier for people to find and edit the personal information the company holds.

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Facebook Fallout Spreads With Product Delay, Privacy Overhaul (Bloomberg)

The fallout from Facebook Inc.’s data privacy scandal is spreading. The social media giant will delay the unveiling of new home products and is redesigning a menu of privacy settings on its network, stepping up its response to public outrage over revelations that it mishandled user data.

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28 March 2018

Kathy Nielsen Gives A Masterclass on a Registry's Planning Around Premium Domain Names

In this interview series with leaders in the industry continues with a masterclass from former Sedo Director of Brokerage and current Neustar Premium domain name strategist Kathy Nielsen. In our interview Kathy gives a masterclass on a Registry's planning around premium names including tips on how to acquire reserved names and how to enter into discussions with high value end users. Kathy also gives us a preview into premium name developments in the .US, .TEL, .BIZ and .NYCTLDs.

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How Facebook Helps Shady Advertisers Pollute the Internet (New York Times)

It was a Davos for digital hucksters. One day last June, scammers from around the world gathered for a conference at a renovated 19th century train station in Berlin. All the most popular hustles were there: miracle diet pills, instant muscle builders, brain boosters, male enhancers. The “You Won an iPhone” companies had display booths, and the “Your Computer May Be Infected” folks sent salesmen. Russia was represented by the promoters of a black-mask face peel, and Canada made a showing with bot-infested dating sites.

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A Cyberattack Hobbles Atlanta, and Security Experts Shudder (New York Times)

The City of Atlanta’s 8,000 employees got the word on Tuesday that they had been waiting for: It was O.K. to turn their computers on.

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27 March 2018

All About the GDPR: Staying compliant in a new era of data privacy (Marketing Land)

While deregulation has been a stateside trend over the past decade, the 28 members of the European Union are gearing up for a massive increase in regulations around data privacy in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — and this regulation will make a splash across the pond as well.

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Demands Grow for Facebook to Explain Its Privacy Policies (New York Times)

A parade of regulators, politicians and law enforcement officials demanded to know more about Facebook’s privacy practices on Monday, as the fallout from the company’s relationship with a political data firm continued to spread.

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Facebook's privacy practices are under investigation, FTC confirms (The Guardian)

Facebook’s privacy practices are under investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission following a week of scandals and public outrage over the company’s failure to protect the personal information of tens of millions of users.

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Facebook logs texts and calls, users find as they delete accounts (The Observer)

As users continue to delete their Facebook accounts in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a number are discovering that the social network holds far more data about them than they expected, including complete logs of incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages.

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EU regulator won't rule out breaking up Google (The Hill)

The European Union’s antitrust chief has not ruled out breaking up Google over concerns about its dominance.

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Don't regulate Facebook (Washington Post)

The problems at Facebook and others, real and perceived, at Google, Amazon and Apple have led to an easy consensus: The large technology companies should be regulated. When Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) call for the same thing, it is possible that even in Washington — The City Where Nothing Happens — Congress will decide that technology companies must be regulated.

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26 March 2018

People are using bitcoin's system to share child pornography, researchers say (Washington Post)

German researchers have found about 1,600 files of non-financial data, some of which link to or contain child pornography and other objectionable material, on the system that stores bitcoin transactions.

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How Calls for Privacy May Upend Business for Facebook and Google (New York Times)

The contemporary internet was built on a bargain: Show us who you really are and the digital world will be free to search or share.

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US lawmakers hope to use Facebook's 'oil spill' privacy mishap to usher in sweeping new laws (Washington Post)

It was October 2010, and two members of Congress were furious with Facebook. In the eyes of then-Rep. Edward J. Markey and Rep. Joe Barton, the company had failed its users in allowing app developers to take personal data from them and their friends — and transmit it to marketers.

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25 March 2018

Germany Raises Pressure on Facebook on Data Privacy Rules (Bloomberg)

The German government and lawmakers in the lower house of parliament are ratcheting up the pressure on Facebook Inc. to guarantee privacy following reports that an election consulting firm siphoned data from tens of millions of the social network’s users.

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