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28 April 2017

The 'Fix' for Net Neutrality That American Consumers Don't Need by Tim Wu (New York Times)

Netflix and Amazon have been nominated for hundreds of Emmys and Golden Globe awards in recent years, and that is a testament to both the quality of those companies and the transformation of television. But some of the credit is also due to “net neutrality,” the legal regime that nurtured and protected the open internet and streaming TV in the first place.

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Facebook sees rise in government requests for user data (The Hill)

Facebook revealed on Thursday that it saw an increase in government requests for user data from the first half of 2016 to the second.

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Cybersecurity: is the office coffee machine watching you? (The Guardian)

Troubled by something deeply unethical going on at work? Or maybe you’re plotting to leak sensitive information on the company that just sacked you? Either way, you best think twice before making your next move because an all-seeing artificial intelligence might just be analysing every email you send, every file you upload, every room you scan into – even your coffee routine.

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Record labels in Australia win fight to block music piracy websites (Australian Financial Review)

Record labels have won against internet service providers to have piracy website KickassTorrent blocked but will have to pay $50 per name to have the website's domain names blocked.

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Facebook admits: governments exploited us to spread propaganda (The Guardian)

Facebook has publicly acknowledged that its platform has been exploited by governments seeking to manipulate public opinion in other countries – including during the presidential elections in the US and France – and pledged to clamp down on such “information operations”.

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27 April 2017

Why Instagram Is Becoming Facebook's Next Facebook (New York Times)

At a recent all-hands meeting with employees, Kevin Systrom, a founder and chief executive of Instagram, showed off one of his favorite charts: Days to Reach the Next 100 Million Users.

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German court upholds WhatsApp-Facebook data transfer ban (PC World)

Facebook must obtain the permission of German users of WhatsApp before processing their personal data, a German court confirmed on Tuesday.

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F.C.C. Chairman Pushes Sweeping Changes to Net Neutrality Rules (New York Times)

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday outlined a sweeping plan to loosen the government’s oversight of high-speed internet providers, a rebuke of a landmark policy approved two years ago to ensure that all online content is treated the same by the companies that deliver broadband service to Americans.

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auDA Surprise: Ends Exclusive AusRegistry Negotiations, Wants to "Build and Operate" Own Registry

The .au policy and regulatory body auDA dropped something of a bombshell Wednesday when it announced it was ending exclusive negotiations with AusRegistry, the registry operator since 2002, and will undertake a restricted tender exercise, by invitation.

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The Scourge of Child Pornography: Working to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children (FBI)

Rarely a week goes by in the United States that a child pornographer is not charged or sentenced for federal crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children. The press release headlines above from the Department of Justice were issued on a single day last month.

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26 April 2017

The DNA Study Claims New gTLDs Can Compete With .COM on SEO

A study for the Domain Name Association claims there is a benefit from an SEO perspective by having a relevant keyword in a relevant domain name extension, that is the top level domain part of the domain name.

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MMX 2016 Results Show 40% Registration Growth On Back of Strong Chinese Demand

Domain names under management across the 26 new gTLDs operated by Minds Machines (MMX) jumped 40% in 2016, with registrations jumping 44% to 817,000 in China on the back of developing relationships in China that has included opening an office in Xiamen, gaining a license for .vip to allow Chinese registrants to host domains within the country and applying for licenses for a further 8 more.

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New gTLDs Shed Over Half Million Registrations in Under 2 Weeks, But Why?

Total new gTLD registrations have taken a hit in recent days, dropping over half a million in under 2 weeks.

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Google search changes tackle fake news and hate speech (BBC News)

Google is changing the way its core search engine works to help stop the spread of fake news and hate speech.

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25 April 2017

Mathieu Weill Steps Down As Afnic CEO After 12 Years

Mathieu Weill, the CEO of the French ccTLD registry Afnic, will be stepping down as of 1 May. In an announcement today on the website for the French country code top level domain, it notes he “has been appointed to other duties as from 1 May 2017.”

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Service Faces Backlash Over a Widespread Practice: Selling User Data (New York Times)

For months, Uber has paid a public price for some of the questionable tactics it has used to conquer the transportation industry. Now another company is experiencing some of the fallout for working with Uber.

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Wikipedia founder to fight fake news with new Wikitribune site (The Guardian)

Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, is launching a new online publication which will aim to fight fake news by pairing professional journalists with an army of volunteer community contributors.

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Five Million Brits Go Crazy For Illegal Streaming (TorrentFreak)

Almost five million Brits are regularly streaming TV content from illegal Internet services. That's one of the findings from a new YouGov study which shows that Kodi-powered devices and Android apps are particularly popular with users. Of concern to authorized services is that hundreds of thousands of pirates say they're canceling their official subscriptions.

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24 April 2017

Afnic Awarded Contract To Run .FR For 5 More Years

Afnic has been awarded the right to operate the .fr ccTLD for another 5 years, the registry announced.

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EU mulls legislation in the fight against online hate speech (Reuters)

The European Union is considering legislative measures to harmonise how online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google take down hate speech and incitement to violence, a draft document seen by Reuters shows.

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23 April 2017

Makeover for mobile phones: Ready or not, 5G wireless is preparing for its big day (The Economist)

After years of hot air and hyperbole, the fifth generation (5G) of mobile-phone technology has entered its final phase of testing, in preparation for its debut around the world. The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an industry group for mobile phones, has still to sign off on a 5G reference design that satisfies all its members. But that has not stopped manufacturers from introducing 5G chip-sets and modems for wireless carriers to test. The hope is to get 5G mobile networks up and running in time, at least, for the winter Olympics in South Korea in February 2018. Japan has its own plans for the technology when it hosts the summer Olympics in July 2020. Expect wireless carriers to start rolling out their 5G networks in earnest shortly thereafter.

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Is It Time to Break Up Google? (New York Times)

In just 10 years, the world’s five largest companies by market capitalization have all changed, save for one: Microsoft. Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Citigroup and Shell Oil are out and Apple, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Amazon and Facebook have taken their place.

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A scholar asks, 'Can democracy survive the Internet?' (Washington Post)

In more innocent times, the rise of the Internet was seen by many people as a boon to democracy. Disruptive, yes, but the Web broadened the flow of information, introduced new voices into the political debates, empowered citizens and even provided a powerful fundraising tool for some lesser-known candidates such as Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

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22 April 2017

Google runs workshops to help UK teenagers tackle hate speech (The Guardian)

Google has responded to a barrage of criticism that it must do more to tackle online hate by launching a series of workshops for teenagers on how to tackle hate speech and fake news.

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21 April 2017

G20 safeguards vulnerabilities of digital economy, with financial sector focus (G20 Insights)

The G20 can ensure a secure, resilient, sustainable and responsible digital economy, especially in the financial sector, by removing vulnerabilities in Internet infrastructure, encouraging cross-border cooperation, providing guidance to telecommunications regulators and implementing norms regarding cyber-attacks.

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