Facebook Wants to Know More Than Just Who Your Friends Are

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Facebook Inc. announced an ambitious plan to get its tentacles further out into the Internet by better linking people, places and things, as it looks to turn a massive audience into a pool of well-understood consumers.

A centerpiece of the changes involves a simple button, offered to other Web sites, that says "Like." For free, other Web sites can install a Facebook "Like" button that users can click on to signal their interest in a piece of content, such as a band or an article. The user's approval then shows up on his or her Facebook page, with a link back to the site.

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Facebook Spreads Itself Across the Web
Call it Facebook to go.

On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, lifted the curtain on the company's plan to spread itself across the Web. I previewed much of the company's plan in a New York Times article on Monday. It includes a number of new features for users and developers that will make it easy for Web sites to provide "social experiences." And it will allow users to bring some of their interactions with Facebook friends to the sites they visit.

Fast-growing Facebook aims for more social Web
Facebook's user base is growing at its fastest rate ever, the online social network company said on Wednesday as it rolled out features that link the company's platform more tightly with outside Web sites.

Facebook's "open graph" would let people see information tailored to their lives and interests wherever they are on the Web, the company's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said at the f8 conference in San Francisco.

Facebook wants the Web's default to be social [IDG]
Facebook has revamped its application development platform to make it possible for the social-networking site and other Web sites to mesh what they know about their end-users and automatically personalize the experience people have online.

For example, a visitor to a participating news site or a music-sharing site could be served up content upon arrival based on previously stated preferences on Facebook or participating sites. The visitor could also see a list of Facebook friends who are already registered on the other site, and even what comments they have posted there.

Facebook spins a wider web -- including on Washington Post site
Facebook launched a set of initiatives that will expand its reach across and into numerous third-party sites, The Post's included.

You can see one result of this on our home page and other pages here, the "Network News" box. On my computer, its "Friends' Activity" heading shows that fellow Posties Sara Goo and Nancy Trejos, among others, shared links to recent Post stories on Facebook, after which a link I posted to the editor's note explaining this feature appeared in that box almost instantly. Meanwhile, the box's "Most Popular" listing (pictured below) revealed that 3,887 people pointed to today's obituary for civil-rights leader Dorothy I. Height.

Facebook CEO says site use increasing
Social networking leader Facebook said on Wednesday its user base has swelled to more than 400 million and shows no sign of slowing.

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