How Egypt Killed the Internet

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How do you turn off the Internet in an entire country?

In the case of Egypt, it was probably done with a few phone calls, says Jim Cowie, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Renesys Corp., a company that analyzes how the Internet is performing around the world.

Egypt severed mobile and Web communications late Thursday, the Journal reported.

Mr. Cowie said in an interview with Digits that he isn't privy to how Egypt actually shut down the Web but outlined a scenario based on his "knowledge of how the Internet is structured."

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How Egypt pulled its Internet plug
To sever its link with the outside digital world, Egypt "raised the drawbridge" in mere minutes by forcing the country's providers to make simple changes to their routers, experts said on Friday.

"The major Egyptian networks stopped announcing what networks they represented to the rest of the world," said Andree Toonk, the founder and lead developer of the open-source BGPmon, a tool for monitoring BGP, or "border gateway protocol," the protocol at the core of the Internet's routing mechanism.

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