.XXX Spells End For ICANN Says Australian Sex Party

Posted in: Domain Names at 22/03/2011 16:22

ICANN's approval of the .XXX sponsored Top Level Domain last Friday spells the beginning of the end for it and their system of apportioning domain names and numbers says the Australian Sex Party, a fledgling political party down under dealing with sexual, moral and censorship issues.

Sex Party President Fiona Patten, said that ICANN had forced the new domain onto the world's online adult industry after many years of loud and sustained protest.

"Not only have they have ignored advice from us but they have ignored the advice of their own Government Advisory Group (GAC) which included the Australian government", Patten said in a statement.

"Even the religious groups were against this new domain being created. It was probably the first and only time we will ever see sex industry, government and moral's groups all lining up to agree on internet censorship"

Patten said the decision was a huge blow to a free internet and would increase censorship of the net in ways that could not have been imagined a few years ago.

"Although we would hope that it never happens, with all adult sites corralled under one .XXX domain it would be an easy thing for the Communications Minister to simply ask all ISP's in Australian to filter the new domain and all adult material would be denied to adult Australians. If adult sites continued to hide under a .com or a .net address it would be a simply matter for the Minister to legislate that all adult sites must trade under the new .XXX domain".

The Sex Party also says that for the first time ICANN has also approved content guidelines for a new domain which places them in the position of being de facto regulators of parts of the Internet.

"The content that they will accept for .XXX will accommodate a considerable amount of Refused Classification material in Australia which will almost certainly encourage the federal government to look at some sort of filtering arrangement.

The current political uprisings in the Middle East have relied heavily on the internet and both temporary and permanent websites to gain traction and disseminate information. The necessity for some of these sites to 'hide' on the internet and remain inconspicuous is obvious.

"If ICANN starts forcing new domains on particular organisations and industries it leaves the path wide open for dictators, theocracies and even democracies to start using those them for censorship and manipulation", she said. "How long will it be before all media groups will be expected to register under a .med domain or political groups under .pol?"

Meanwhile the Sex Party says the US adult industry organisation, the Free Speech Coalition, has vowed to make the new TLD unworkable and could be organising an international boycott. This may be a little difficult as even if a third of the current 310,000 pre-registrations at the rumoured $60 per registration come to be, the business should still prove to be very lucrative.

As has been noted by the Free Speech Coalition, the Sex Party also notes that ICM Registry is not even an adult industry based company.

"In allowing a non adult industry company to set up and profit from this new domain, against 90% of the expert advice they had, ICANN has not had the particular interests of the industry at heart. This is a dangerous precedent. ICM as the registrar of the new domain will also have to monitor the content."

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