The Google Problem Isn't Antitrust: Think privacy, not monopoly

Posted in: Government & Policy at 22/09/2011 14:37

Google's critics get a chance to vent today, using the invective of antitrust. A hearing of the Senate antitrust subcommittee is also something of a swan song for its retiring chairman, the estimable Herb Kohl.

Mr. Kohl has not always been especially fastidious in applying antitrust to the facts at hand. He once summoned Bush antitrust officials to rake them over the coals about a proposed merger of AirTran and Midwest Airlines, two small airlines, and decidedly not a case of monopolization. He insisted trustbusters should nevertheless nix a deal, citing his family's own unhappy sale of a Wisconsin grocery chain to an out-of-state company: "This experience has taught me firsthand what dangers can ensue and, in fact, happen when people from somewhere else take over a business."

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