Google In China 2.0: New Strategy Avoids Censorship Showdown

Posted in: Miscellaneous at 17/10/2011 00:27

Some 18 months after clashing with Beijing authorities, Google seems to have found a major new way to break through in China. Not only does it avoid web censorship dilemma, its new strategy opens an opportunity for Google to capture the booming online advertising market.

Last month, John Liu, Google's vice-president, showed up at a high-profile press conference after an 18-month phase of both tremendous public pressure and behind-the-scenes legwork. He vigorously promoted Google's advertising business and emphasized specifically that Google has passed its "ICP" licensing annual review that allows the U.S. search giant to operate in China.

What does all this mean?

A company insider says that basic Internet search functions will no longer be the core business of Google China. Instead, the Mountain View-based company will focus on building DoubleClick - an online "ad exchange" and a subsidiary of Google. And he predicts that DoubleClick will bring an even larger market than that of its search engine.

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