Large Online Porn Firm Sues .XXX Challenging Its Right To Exist

Posted in: Domain Names at 16/12/2011 22:27

Manwin Licensing International took action in November in the courts to protest against the introduction of the new .XXX domain which went live this month for as registrations became available to all eligible applicants.

Manwin is saying the new TLD should be cancelled, alleging "monopolistic conduct" and "price gouging" by ICANN and the ICM registry.

Manwin is a Luxembourg-based company that operates the YouPorn website and online sites for Playboy attracting at least 50 million visitors to its sites each day. Digital Playground, another online porn company, joined Manwin in the court case.

Greg Dumas told XBIZ that he "interprets this lawsuit as Manwin's attempt to flex their muscles and may be a part of a much bigger strategy."

"As we have proved time and again, ICM Registry has taken extensive measures to ensure it is being launched in the most lawful and responsible possible way," he said. "ICM Registry will vigorously defend their position against any meritless claims such as this one."

Dumas said that Manwin possibly filed the lawsuit "because they are worried that ICM Registry is creating opportunities for others in the adult industry to have a fair chance to build great brands and businesses in the new .XXX space.

"It's also important to know that we had been previously engaged in negotiations with Manwin on domain names and other things that they had requested. I'd think a phone call would have worked just as well because litigation is never good for anyone."

While Manwin officials have yet to officially comment on the pending suit, the decision to seek legal recourse over .XXX could be underscored by the number of Manwin-owned websites, as well as its Playboy-licensed ones.

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