Irish privacy watchdog calls for Facebook changes

Posted in: Legal & Security at 22/12/2011 16:44

The Irish data protection commissioner has recommended widespread changes to improve privacy on Facebook.

They include making its terms and conditions clearer and offering users greater control over how their data is used on the site.

The findings are particularly significant because Facebook Ireland was given responsibility for all non-US and Canadian data in September 2010.

Facebook has six months to implement the changes.

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Facebook told to stop indefinitely holding users' advertising data
Facebook has been told to stop its practice of indefinitely retaining data about which adverts its 500 million users outside the US click on, following a review by the Irish data protection commissioner of its non-US operations.

It has also agreed to take immediate steps over data collected from third-party sites when people use their Facebook identity to log in to them. Until now, that data about people's behaviour was passed back to Facebook and retained indefinitely. Following the review, Facebook can keep the data but it has to make it anonymous - for example it can share how many people clicked on an add but can't provide details of specific users - within 10 days and completely delete the data after 90.

Selling user data to advertisers is legitimate, watchdog says in Facebook audit report
It is "legitimate" for Facebook Ireland to use information users provide about themselves on the social networking site to enable advertisers to serve targeted ads, the Office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) has said.

The finding was one of a number detailed by the ODPC in a report into its recent audit of Facebook Ireland's privacy policies and practices. Facebook Ireland has responsibility for all Facebook users outside of the USA and Canada.

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