How Google & Co. Will Rule Your Rep: Yes, it's time to worry about what you've spilled to the world

Posted in: Legal & Security at 16/01/2012 21:06

Reputation is a tricky business. And not just for politicians anymore. This year we're all worried about approval ratings -- or should be. Reputation was once a qualitative measure of our behavior, vital but vague. Now it's getting quantitative. Soon there is likely to be an actual numerical reputation score for each of us, like a FICO credit score but for our whole lives.


We've got the precursors now, whether or not we're aware of them. Companies such as PeerIndex, Twitalyzer, Talentag and PostRank (bought by Google) already apply online analytics to establish the heft of an individual's or business's "social capital." This means, broadly, your influence online. How many people do you reach and how many of them take action based on what you say? Are you a preacher or a wallflower?

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