Google, Facebook remove content as India threatens lawsuits for offending religious sentiments

Posted in: Censorship at 07/02/2012 16:07

[AP] Google India has removed web pages deemed offensive to Indian political and religious leaders to comply with a court case that has raised censorship fears in the world's largest democracy, media reported Monday.

The action follows weeks of intense government pressure for 22 Internet giants to remove photographs, videos or text considered "anti-religious" or "anti-social."

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Google and Facebook block content in India after court warns of crackdown [Reuters]
Google and Facebook have removed content from some Indian websites after a court warned that India would crack down "like China" if they did not take steps to protect religious sensibilities.

The two are among 21 companies ordered to develop a mechanism to block material considered religiously offensive after private petitioners took them to court over images deemed offensive to Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

Google removes offensive webpages as ordered by Indian court
Google has told a trial court in the Indian capital that it has removed certain offensive webpages from the web in compliance with the court's order, local media reported Tuesday.

Google India informed the court of additional civil judge Praveen Singh that as per its directions, the search giant has removed the contents, the daily The Times of India reported.

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