Yahoo announces 'do not track'

Posted in: Legal & Security at 30/03/2012 18:41

Yahoo announced Thursday that it will implement a 'do not track' tool on its global network. The tool will include Yahoo's site as well as its Right Media and Interclick properties.

"With this new feature, Yahoo! continues its leadership in privacy innovation while continuing to create the free online services consumers demand that are made possible through advertising," Yahoo wrote in a release.

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Yahoo announcement reveals limits of do-not-track
Yahoo's announcement Thursday that it would abide by choices consumers make when it comes to whether they want to receive targeted online ads highlights a disconnect between the privacy concessions that online advertisers and others are willing to make and where the Federal Trade Commission would like them to go.

In a blog post, Yahoo did not specifically say it wouldn't collect any data from consumers who choose to activate the "do-not-track" option that some Internet browsers now offer. Instead, the company said that when users who have activated a "do-not-track" option on their browsers visit websites where Yahoo collects data, the online firm "will no longer score your activities for advertising or content interests and no longer personalize your ads and content based on those interest scores." Yahoo said it would fully implement the proposal this summer.

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