And If The Internet Went Black? [Die Welt]

Posted in: Legal & Security at 01/04/2012 14:00

Hacker network Anonymous has vowed to take down the world wide web on March 31 to protest a U.S. anti-piracy bill. Though chances are low they could pull it off, it's worth considering how far-reaching the effect an Internet blackout would be. It's more than just your e-mail.

On March 31, the Internet is going to be "turned off." Worldwide. That, at least, is what Anonymous, the hacker network, is threatening. What they're calling their Operation Global Blackout aims to protest a controversial U.S. bill - the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) - to protect copyrighted intellectual property around the world.

The threat may be nothing more than bluff - or not. But what would happen if the Internet were to quite simply not be there? Is that even possible? Digital experts canvassed by Die Welt say such a scenario is highly improbable - but possible in principle.

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