Europe Opens Patent Investigations Into Motorola Mobility ; Facebook Accuses Yahoo of Infringing on Patents

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The European Union's competition office on Tuesday opened two antitrust cases against Motorola Mobility for possibly abusing its patents following complaints by two rivals, Microsoft and Apple.

The cases are the latest stage in what has become a full-blown battle over the ownership of essential technologies that help power mobile and gaming devices, a fight that has engulfed Google and virtually all the other major players in the industry.

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EU probes Motorola after Microsoft, Apple complaints
EU regulators are investigating whether phone maker Motorola Mobility breached antitrust rules by allegedly over-charging Microsoft and Apple for use of its patents in their products, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

The European Commission, the EU antitrust regulator in the 27-country European Union, said it had opened two investigations into Motorola Mobility based on Microsoft's and Apple's grievances.

European Commission Opens Antitrust Investigation of Motorola Mobility [IDG]
Europe's top competition regulator has launched two antitrust investigations into Motorola Mobility.

Following complaints by Apple and Microsoft, the European Commission will assess whether Motorola Mobility has failed to license standards-essential patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms as required by both the Commission and standard setting organizations.

Facebook Accuses Yahoo of Infringing on Patents
It appears that two can play at the patent infringement game.

In responding to Yahoo's lawsuit last month accusing Facebook of violating 10 patents, the social networking giant on Tuesday argued that Yahoo itself had committed transgressions of its own.

Facebook launches patent counterattack against Yahoo
Facebook fired back on Tuesday in its legal battle with Yahoo by accusing the Web pioneer of infringing 10 of Facebook's patents, according to a court filing.

The counterclaim from Facebook, filed in a San Francisco federal court, comes after Yahoo sued Facebook for patent infringement last month.

Facebook fires back at Yahoo, says it infringed 10 patents [IDG]
Facebook has denied Yahoo's claims of patent infringement and shot back with counterclaims that Yahoo infringed 10 Facebook patents.

In its response to Yahoo's patent infringement suit filed on Tuesday, Facebook accuses Yahoo of infringing 10 of its patents in several of Yahoo's most popular services including the Yahoo homepage, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and the Flickr photo sharing service.

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