USAppeals Court Revives Viacom Suit Against YouTube

Posted in: Online TV/Music at 07/04/2012 17:21

A federal appeals court on Thursday reversed a lower court's decision to throw out a $1 billion lawsuit filed against YouTube by Viacom and other media companies five years ago.

The copyright infringement suit, which has become a symbol of the clash between entrenched media companies and the upstarts that compete with them, sought damages for unauthorized video clips from shows like "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" that had been uploaded by users to YouTube.

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Viacom, YouTube suit sent back to lower court
U.S. Court of Appeals judge in Manhattan Thursday sent a copyright infringement case between Viacom and YouTube back to the District Court for further consideration.

The suit, which many consider an important case on infringement and interpretation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, stems from a Viacom complaint that YouTube was aware of infringing content being present on its Web site and did not remove it.

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