Big questions remain unanswered over the UK government's 'snooper's charter'

Posted in: Government & Policy at 10/05/2012 15:15

The coalition has pushed ahead with its plans to introduce monitoring of who is talking to whom over the internet, known as the "header" information of emails, web pages and text messages - although Nick Clegg is insistent that it will not be rammed through parliament and that it will get plenty of scrutiny.

That's a good thing. Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile phone operators, which will have to implement this, have been hoping that it wouldn't come. More to the point, nobody has yet answered why the government wants to be able to see our digital breadcrumb trail - telling it, in effect, only where we've been, but not necessarily what was said.

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Home Office promises 'strict safeguards' over privacy for new laws governing communications data monitoring
New laws will be proposed to enable law enforcement and intelligence agencies to better monitor individuals' internet communications, under plans announced in the Queen's Speech.

The draft Communications Data Bill will include proposed changes to the way law enforcement bodies can currently access "communications data" under the EU's Data Retention Directive and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) in the UK.

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