Google is seeing more requests for user data worldwide, but it's responding to fewer

Posted in: Surveillance & Privacy at 21/04/2017 20:28

Google received the most government requests for user data it has received in any six-month period, according to the company’s latest transparency report. The requests were made in the second half of 2016.

How companies respond to data requests from the government has gotten more attention since the election of President Donald Trump, as many people became wary over the possible development of a Muslim registry.

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Google wants better international rules for data requests
We know governments send requests to Google for our data. We know they sometimes get a court order, and they've even done so secretly.

And though Google puts out a semiannual transparency report giving us a broad sense of how often governments are asking to access private data of its users, Google says a new problem has cropped up: The number of requests from governments outside the US is growing.

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