YouTube Sets New Policies to Curb Extremist Videos

Posted in: Internet Use/New Technologies at 19/06/2017 21:32

YouTube has struggled for years with videos that promote offensive viewpoints but do not necessarily violate the company’s guidelines for removal. Now it is taking a new approach: Bury them.

The issue has gained new prominence amid media reports that one of the London Bridge attackers became radicalized by watching YouTube videos of an American Islamic preacher, whose sermons have been described as employing extremely charged religious and sectarian language.

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YouTube introduces new measures to curb extremist video online [Press Association]
Google has introduced four new measures to tackle the spread of terrorist material online, saying the threat poses a serious challenge and that more immediate action needs to be taken.

It has pledged better detection of extremist content and faster review, more experts, tougher standards and an expansion of counter-radicalisation work.

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