Action urged on child abuse sites by IWF

Posted in: Child Protection&Online Safety at 18/04/2008 06:36

A concerted international effort could see the end of websites that profit by selling images of child sex abuse, it is claimed.

The UK's Internet Watch Foundation conducted research to identify how many sites trade such images and concluded there are 2,755 such sites worldwide.

Of these, 80% are judged to be fully commercial operations.

The IWF said this "manageable" number could be eliminated if net firms, governments and police worked together.

Fewer than 3,000 websites produce bulk of child porn

  • UK watchdog says abusive content is being reduced
  • Call for international effort to block access to images

Fewer than 3,000 English-language websites produce the bulk of child pornography images, according to the first authoritative analysis of the scale of the problem, published today.

The Internet Watch Foundation, which carried out the study, says an international effort to disrupt even a few of these "persistent top level domains" would block access to hundreds of thousands of images of child sex abuse.

UK web watchdog wants global attack on online child abuse [Reuters]
Hundreds of child abuse websites around the world could be shut down if countries worked together to tackle the problem, an internet watchdog said in a report.

The Internet Watch Foundation said it had made the first attempt to find out how many sites peddle abusive images and videos of children.

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