China watches over internet café customers in web crackdown

Posted in: Censorship at 18/10/2008 10:25

All visitors to internet cafés in Beijing are to be required to have their photographs taken in a stringent new control on the public use of cyberspace.

Hopes that the Olympic Games would usher in a relaxed approach to the internet had already been hit hard when the "Great Firewall of China" -- the blocking of websites deemed subversive -- was reimposed not long after foreign reporters left the country.

China press freedoms due to end
Rules that gave foreign reporters greater freedom during the Beijing Olympics are due to expire.

China has not yet said whether they will be extended, scrapped or replaced by a new set of regulations.

The rules were brought in as part of China's efforts to open up further to the outside world for the Olympics.

Say Cheese: Photos Now Mandatory When Entering All Beijing Internet Cafes
The Beijing government has launched an enhanced Internet cafe monitoring rule which states that people who visit Internet cafes for the first time need to have their picture taken and have their identification cards scanned.

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