NZ Government throws out section 92A

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Cabinet today announced that section 92A of the Copyright Act will not come into force on 27 March as scheduled, but will be amended to address "areas of concern", says commerce minister Simon Power.

The clause requires ISPs to have a policy of disconnection in place for repeat infringers of copyright online.

New Zealand withdraws internet anti-piracy law
A controversial law that could have forced firms to disconnect internet users accused of illegally downloading music or films has been withdrawn by the New Zealand government.

The Copyright Amendment Act would have put the onus on internet service providers to ban users accused of copyright breaches, even if such allegations were unproven.

"Section 92a is not going to come into force as originally written. We have now asked the minister of commerce to start work on a replacement section," Prime Minister John Key said.

Sanity prevails - RIP Section 92A
Like a Mainland cheese advert, good things can take time, and in the case of Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment (New Technologies) Act this was definitely the case.

Anyone with half an ounce of common sense and a small amount of grey matter was aware that combining tech ignorant law makers, a twitchy movie and music industry plus the internet was always going to be a messy affair and, worse still, a complete lose-lose situation.

Shift, alt, delete for internet copyright law
A controversial internet copyright law will not be going ahead and will be replaced following a review by the Government, Prime Minister John Key confirmed today.

Section 92a of the new Copyright Amendment Act has upset the internet community, which says it could force the closure of websites following any accusation of breach of copyright, even if it was not proven.

New Zealand withdraws controversial Internet law
New Zealand Monday withdrew a controversial law which could have forced firms to disconnect Internet users accused of illegal use of material such as music or films.

The Copyright Amendment Act would have put the onus on Internet service providers to ban users accused of copyright breaches, even if allegations were unproven.

NZ kills copyright amendment
New Zealand's controversial amendment to its Copyright Act, known as Section 92A, will be scrapped in its current form, NZ Commerce Minister Simon Power announced today.

The amendment was due to come into force on 27 March, but its introduction has now been suspended until it can be amended to address the areas which had been concerning industry and public.,130061791,339295590,00.htm

"3 strikes" strikes out in NZ as government yanks law
The New Zealand government has withdrawn support for a tough new "graduated response" law that was to go into effect this week. The provision will now be rewritten from scratch to take vocal criticism into account.

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