Statement by European Academics on the Inappropriateness of Imposing Increased Internet Regulation in the EU by Martin E. Cave, Nico Van Eijk, Luigi Prosperetti, Richard Collins, Alexandre De Streel, Pierre Larouche & Tommaso M. Valletti

Posted in: Research at 05/09/2009 14:17

Abstract: The European institutions are currently debating the desirability of imposing restrictions on the way in which internet service providers (ISPs) in the EU can manage their networks and develop their offerings, under the broad heading of 'network neutrality'.

In our opinion, so far, the need for new legislation on network neutrality in Europe is unproven, and the unintended consequences on restricting variety, competition and innovation are too big for comfort. We believe that some of the amendments put forward by the EP and Council are premature and will prove detrimental to long term end user interests in the EU, and urge that they be not adopted. The only reasonable course for the time being is to strengthen transparency towards end-users and for the rest rely on existing legislation.

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