Web Site Owners May Get Tougher to Find

Posted in: Domain Names at 02/03/2007 09:01

Web Site Owners May Get Tougher to Find
Law.com blames proposed Whois rule changes on ICANN that could result in "intellectual property lawyers guarding corporate trademarks on the Internet may soon have a harder time tracking down the people behind Web sites infringing on their clients' brands". Law.com notes that the proposed new policy changes would let domain holders "keep most of their contact information confidential when they register" and "they would be allowed to list a separate go-between point of contact." The article notes the two sides to the debate - one where large companies are trying to track down domain holders to "stop illicit use of trademarks in the domain names", while on the other side there are the privacy advocates who favour the possible changes. Intellectual property lawyers are noting speed is vital in tracking down holders of domain names where the trademarked name is being infringed upon.

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