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23 June 2017

Nominet Sees 0.0074% of .UK Domains Disputed in 2016 as 3rd Level Registrations Drop, 2nd Level Rise

Nominet saw a small drop in complaints in 2016, with 25 fewer complaints for the 12-month period than in 2015. The 703 complaints related to 785 domain names, according to their 2016 annual summary of domain name disputes brought before its Dispute Resolution Service (DRS). The disputed .uk domain names in 2016 were 0.0074% of all domain names under management (DUM), or registrations.

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21 June 2017

US Bullies Costa Rica and Refuses to Obey Local Laws Over Pirate Bay Domains

The United States Embassy in Costa Rica has been pressuring the local ccTLD operator, NIC Costa Rica, to take down domain name with increasing urgency as the registry resists. And if they refuse there have been threats to take the registry operation away from NIC Costa Rica.

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20 June 2017

Afnic Study on 2016 Global Domain Name Market Finds Growth Declining

Growth in the total number of domain names registered worldwide was 7.1% in 2016, down from 11.7% in 2015, a study released Monday from the French ccTLD registry Afnic found.

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19 June 2017

Almost 1,000 Sunrise Applications for .AFRICA Making it One of the Most Successful

The .africa new gTLD has had one of the most successful Sunrise periods of any, receiving 981 applications during the period for trademark holders that ran from 4 April to 2 June, that is reported to be among the top 10 Sunrise periods.

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16 June 2017

auDA Members Revolting Against Changes and Transparency and Accountability Disappearing with Demands to Remove Chair

auDA’s members are revolting against recent developments within the .au policy regulator following moves to bring the registry under auDA’s wings without consultation and transparency and accountability disappearing.

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15 June 2017

More Domain Industry Consolidation as Two Biggest Registries by New gTLDs, Donuts and Rightside, Merge

Two of the bigger participants in the new gTLD world, Seattle-based Donuts and Rightside, are merging the companies announced Wednesday. The announcement comes almost a year after Rightside rejected a bid from Donuts, proposed in June 2016. It also follows the recent departure of Richard Tindal from Donuts, one of the original 4 co-founders.

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14 June 2017

.NZ Shows How to Consult Over Plans to Merge 3-into-One

The InternetNZ Council has released plans to merge the 3 bodies that manage different aspects of .NZ into one. The plans follow an organisational review of the InternetNZ group (InternetNZ, the Domain Name Commission and NZRS) initiated by the Council in late 2016.

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ICANN Fighting Fake Website Profiles

There are currently over 40,000 profiles on the website, but ICANN has become aware that many of these are fake despite instituting security measures like two-factor authentication and CAPTCHA. To date ICANN has deleted 6,000 fake profiles.

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ICANN Wants to Hear From You About How to Increase Gender Diversity and Participation

ICANN wants to hear from industry participants, and from those that want to be involved, if there are barriers to gender diversity participation within the ICANN community.

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12 June 2017

Africans Get Second Bite at .AFRICA Pioneer Programme

The .africa registry operator is opening a second round of applications for the continent’s leading brands who would like preferential access to their desired domain names, assuming of course, they haven’t got their domain already. Also currently underway is the second of 4 weekly phases for the .africa Landrush period.

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08 June 2017

DENIC Accredited as New gTLD Data Escrow Agent by ICANN

DENIC has been accredited as an Escrow Agent under ICANN’s new gTLD programme and thus officially authorised to operate a back-up storage service for the business data of domain registries (Registry Data Escrow, RyDE), the German ccTLD registry announced today.

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Personal .NZ Registrations To Get Whois Privacy

Individual registrants who register their .nz domain names for personal use will be able to withhold their phone number and contact address from publicly appearing in domain registrant searches from 28 November.

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MMX Predicts Higher Than Average .VIP Renewals in China

Minds Machines (MMX) is expecting higher than average first year renewal rates for its .vip new gTLD in China. Based on early manual renewals, the registry is seeing renewals significantly ahead of those typically seen by new generic top-level domains in the region, according to a statement released 7 June.

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07 June 2017

IPv6 Deployment Grows 3000% in 5 Years

Deployment of IPv6 has increased 3,000% since the beginning of World IPv6 Launch 5 years ago, according to a report released by the Internet Society this week.

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05 June 2017

.AFRICA Landrush Launches Today

The .africa Landrush period commences today, 5 June, meaning the general public gets their first chance to register domain names in the African new gTLD.

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31 May 2017

French Railway Operator to Switch to New gTLD .SNCF

The French national railway, SNCF, is rebranding its subsidiary that sells railway tickets and passes, and which is France’s largest e-commerce site, to use their new gTLD by autumn 2017. The new top level domain will be .sncf with the home page being The current website uses the domain name.

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30 May 2017

auDA's Daily Calamity Update: CEO Defends Lack of Accountability and Transparency

It’s turning out to be an almost daily update on the calamities of auDA, the .au regulatory and policy body. It could be amusing, and frustrating for those involved, if it weren’t that auDA was a key player in such a critical piece of Australia’s infrastructure. Today’s update is that they claim they should be compared to the ABC, Australia’s version of the BBC, and the CSIRO, Australia’s peak scientific body.

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29 May 2017

The Madness Continues As auDA Defies Own Constitution and Industry Advice While Seeking Registry EoI

AuDA today confirmed it is going ahead with the building and operation of a dedicated .au registry. To begin the .au policy and regulatory body is, as an initial scoping exercise, releasing a Request for Expressions of Interest for the Registry Transformation Project.

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26 May 2017

Chaos Reigns At auDA As Security Head Suddenly Departs

Appointed amid much fanfare around October last year, auDA’s Director Technology, Security and Strategy, Rachael Falk, has suddenly departed 8 months later.

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.EU Ends Q1 With Over 3.7 Million Domains As Austrian Registrations Jump 17.5%

Total registrations of .eu domain names dropped by close to 5,000, most likely as part of the seasonal variation, but there were 185,964 new registrations and at the end of the first quarter in 2017 there were 3,755,475 .eu domains under management. The new registrations were almost 11,000 more than in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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25 May 2017

.STUDY, .SCIENCE and .RACING Have Highest Concentrations Of Malicious Activity: DomainTools

DomainTools has released their 2017 DomainTools Report that looks at the various “hotspots” of malicious or abusive activity across the internet, analysing the gTLDs with the highest concentrations of malicious activity. Their research found that .science had the highest concentration of bad domains, followed by .study and .racing. None of the 2017 most malicious TLDs were in meaningful operation in 2015.

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24 May 2017

.CH Celebrates 30 Years As Europe's Safest TLD

The Swiss ccTLD, .ch, celebrated 30 years of existence last Saturday, with the SWITCH Foundation, the current registry, being established later the same year.

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.ASIA Opening Up To The World

The .asia TLD is opening itself up to any person or individual anywhere in the world with changes coming to eligibility requirements. The new eligibility requirements will mean global communities doing business in Asia and Asian communities living outside the region will be able to register .asia domain names without local presence requirements and eliminating checks, simplifying the registration process.

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16 May 2017

European Commission Opens Consultation on Review of .EU Policies

The European Commission is opening a consultation on the .eu rules to see if the existing regulations on .eu are still fit for purpose, or if they need to be changed or updated.

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15 May 2017

auDA Release New Code of Conduct As Transparency Questions Continue

The .au policy regulator, auDA, released a new code of conduct last week as questions of transparency continue to gnaw away at the organisation with a former long-term director launching a funding initiative to raise money for a Freedom of Information request.

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