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27 April 2017

auDA Surprise: Ends Exclusive AusRegistry Negotiations, Wants to "Build and Operate" Own Registry

The .au policy and regulatory body auDA dropped something of a bombshell Wednesday when it announced it was ending exclusive negotiations with AusRegistry, the registry operator since 2002, and will undertake a restricted tender exercise, by invitation.

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26 April 2017

The DNA Study Claims New gTLDs Can Compete With .COM on SEO

A study for the Domain Name Association claims there is a benefit from an SEO perspective by having a relevant keyword in a relevant domain name extension, that is the top level domain part of the domain name.

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MMX 2016 Results Show 40% Registration Growth On Back of Strong Chinese Demand

Domain names under management across the 26 new gTLDs operated by Minds Machines (MMX) jumped 40% in the last 12 months, with registrations jumping 44% to 817,000 in China on the back of developing relationships in China that has included opening an office in Xiamen, gaining a license for .vip to allow Chinese registrants to host domains within the country and applying for licenses for a further 8 more.

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New gTLDs Shed Over Half Million Registrations in Under 2 Weeks, But Why?

Total new gTLD registrations have taken a hit in recent days, dropping over half a million in under 2 weeks.

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25 April 2017

Mathieu Weill Steps Down As Afnic CEO After 12 Years

Mathieu Weill, the CEO of the French ccTLD registry Afnic, will be stepping down as of 1 May. In an announcement today on the website for the French country code top level domain, it notes he “has been appointed to other duties as from 1 May 2017.”

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24 April 2017

Afnic Awarded Contract To Run .FR For 5 More Years

Afnic has been awarded the right to operate the .fr ccTLD for another 5 years, the registry announced.

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20 April 2017

Pirate Bay Founder Fights For Your Right To Register Domains Anonymously, No Matter How Objectionable You Are

The 38-year-old Pirate Bay co-founder and Swedish politician Peter Sunde has started a new business that allows almost anyone, anywhere to register domain names anonymously. Well, actually, you don’t register the domain name yourself. They register it for you and the domain name will be in their name. They claim if you want the domain name back, no problems, no additional costs.

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US and European Buyer(s) Spend $500,000 on 90,000 MMX New gTLD Domains

Minds Machines Group (MMX) has announced another big spend on domain names among its new gTLD portfolio. This week the company announced there have been orders for approximately 90,000 standard registrations across a number of its US and European facing top level domains valued at approximately $500,000. Whether it was one or several buyers wasn’t disclosed.

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10 April 2017

CENTR Calls For Nominations For 2017 CENTR Awards

CENTR has launched its call for nominations for the third edition of its CENTR Awards, which aim at highlighting ccTLD registry projects, teams and people that make a difference in the domain name industry.

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ICANN Reiterates It's Not An Online Content Regulator Following Claims It Should Do More On Child Abuse

ICANN has once again come out and said it’s job is not to regulate content online. In a post on the ICANN blog, Akram Atallah, President, Global Domains Division, writes following concerns from the Children’s Charities Coalition on Internet Safety that new gTLDs “may become new grounds for the functioning and distributing of child abuse content ... ICANN wants to confirm its position.”

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China Approves 5 Afilias TLDs For Sale Within Country

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has awarded 5 of Afilias’ gTLDs licences to allow them to be sold within the country, the registry operator announced last week.

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05 April 2017

MMX Sees One Million .VIP Registrations By End of 2017 On Back of Strong Chinese Demand

Demand from Chinese investors in new gTLDs remains strong and is largely responsible for the recent 200,000 new registrations in .vip, valued at $1.3 million, the registry MMX has reported.

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Domaining Europe Conference to Feature In Undeveloped Auction

The upcoming Domaining Europe conference is set to see some big domain names up for auction, including and

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03 April 2017

UK Child Protection Agency Finds 5 TLDs Account For 80% of Child Porn

Five top level domains accounted for 80% of all webpages identified as containing child sexual abuse images and videos, according to the 2016 annual report from the UK’s online reporting hotline for child sexual abuse, the Internet Watch Foundation, released today, with 57,335 URLs containing child sexual abuse imagery and these were hosted on 2,416 domains worldwide.

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29 March 2017

.AFRICA Announce Launch Schedule With Sunrise Commencing on 4 April

It took a couple of years to wind its way through the courts, and the vanquished DotConnect Africa hasn’t given up yet, but ICANN has delegated the right to operate the .africa new gTLD and the ZA Central Registry has announced the launch dates.

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Berlin Now Has One Million .DE Domains As .DE Growth Rate Declines

The German capital of Berlin passed the one million .de domain name registrations in 2016, with 1,006,806 domains registered to its inhabitants at the end of the year, ahead of Munich (600,538) and Hamburg (585,772). But on a per capita basis Osnabruck once again is the leader with 1,516 .de domains per 1,000 inhabitants, again far ahead of all its competitors. As in 2015 it was followed by Munich (420) and Bonn (413).

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23 March 2017

CENTR Report On Everything You Want To Know About What Happened At ICANN58

Did you want to know what happened at the recent ICANN meeting in Copenhagen? Or did you go and spend the week networking and socialising, and miss what happened in the meeting rooms? CENTR have produced a comprehensive report with 13 pages of meeting reports to get you through.

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DENIC Expands Services Becoming Official Provider Of Data Escrow for ICANN-Accredited Registrars

A number of top level domain registries are looking for more business opportunities. Some such as have ventured into providing backend registry services for new gTLDs. Others such as SIDN, the .nl registry has expanded by co-creating a DNS billing service in the Netherlands and taking over an e-identity company with 12 million users.

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22 March 2017

MMX Targets One Million .VIP Registrations And Asian Expansion Of Its New gTLDs

Minds Machines Group, aka MMX, who operates 26 new gTLDs with over 852,000 domains under management has announced it is targeting one million .vip registrations as part of an expansion into Asia.

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21 March 2017

Makeway.World Launches Stats Hub Tool To Monitor .BRAND Usage

There are 568 brands that have launched their own gTLD in 41 countries with 6,856 domains registered, an average of 12.07 domains per brand gTLD today. But previously finding this usage information was difficult. So now MakeWay.World has launched Stats Hub to enable a quick and easy way to see how many domain names each .brand gTLD has registered, how they’re being used, and any other TLDs owned by that applicant.

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20 March 2017

.NZ Works To Resolve "Conflicted" Domains

The .NZ Domain Name Commissioner has issued proposed changes to enable the resolution of “conflicted” domain names following the release of second level domains. The changes aren’t changes to the process, which currently has no time limits, but rather one of engagement and requiring action to resolve the conflict.

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16 March 2017

'More Clearly Define The Intelligibility And Authenticity Of Art Enterprises': Guardian on .ART

The launch of the .art new gTLD has captivated some in the artistic world and has even made it to the culture pages of London’s Guardian newspaper.

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WIPO's Annual Rant Shows Cybersquatting Not Only Growing In New gTLDs, But .COM Too

The World Intellectual Property Organization has released its 2016 report on cybersquatting. In 2016 the number of cases filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) with the dispute resolution body rose 10% over the previous year to “an all-time record 3,036 cases” while domain names disputed rose by 23.1% to 5,374.

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15 March 2017

CIRA Announces New Ventures With .NZ And .PT To Deliver Anycast DNS Services As ccTLD Registries Look For New Opportunities

The Canadian ccTLD manager has announced two joint ventures this week with New Zealand and Portugal’s ccTLD registries to deliver Anycast DNS services.

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Uniregistry Hikes New gTLD Prices Up To 3,000% And GoDaddy Drops The Lot

The recent announcement that Uniregistry would be upping the prices on 16 of its underperforming new gTLDs by up to 3,115% from 21 August has had one, so far, really unfortunate consequence. GoDaddy, the world’s largest registrar, announced it was dropping Uniregistry’s entire portfolio of gTLDs from its offerings.

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