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29 September 2007

Who will replace Vint Cerf? An Italian, Kiwi or American?

The debate over who is in the running to take over as chair of ICANN is the focus of a story of DomainesInfo and picked up in the New Zealand press. There are three candidates listed: Roberto Gaetano, current vice-chair, Peter Dengate Thrush and Steve Crocker.

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The word farms of the web The Guardian

The growing number of websites that mix and match low-quality articles produced by amateurs in order to generate traffic is causing concern, reports Danny Bradbury from The Guardian.

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28 September 2007

Domain Name Theft Is Everyday Event: Short or Memorable Domain Names Can Fetch Millions of Dollars Wall Street Journal

Like real-world theft, the hijacking of an Internet address can happen quickly and with little warning. New York computer consultant Ronen Inowlocki knows firsthand. In July, a thief connived to take control of the address that Mr. Inowlocki has owned for years. Mr. Inowlocki is still fighting to get it back, and can't access the "" email addresses he had used to communicate with clients. Meanwhile, the thief shifted the Internet address, also known as a domain, to a service in Germany and lists a mailing address in Iceland as his contact info.

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Facebook wins domain dispute

Facebook has won a domain dispute against Privacy Ltd. Disclosed Agent for YOLAPT, a business from the Isle of Man. The disputed domain name . The domain was registered in October 2004 and "provides, inter alia, advertising for and links to other commercial websites offering social networking and information services."

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A guide to ICANN’s intersessional work by Kieren McCarthy ICANN Blog

ICANN has published a "San Juan to Los Angeles" newsletter to all those subscribed to ICANN meetings updates (you can subscribe here), covering ICANN "intersessional" work i.e. the flow of work between main ICANN meetings - in this case between San Juan in June, and Los Angeles, running from 29 October to 2 November.

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27 September 2007

.kr domain dispute - Samsung v local food company The Age

Samsung, the South Korean electronics company, is embroiled in a court battle over the domain name with a small local food supply company, whose name has been withheld, reports AFP. An earlier court decision said the domain name should be transferred to Samsung, however the company is appealing this decision.

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DeNIC vor weiteren Strategie-Debatten Heise

In einer Woche tritt bei der DeNIC eG das neue Vorstandsduo an. Jörg Schweiger als hauptamtlicher Technikchef und Sabine Dolderer als ehemalige und neue Geschäftsführerin müssen sich dann rasch dem zweiten Abschnitt des anstehenden Rechenzentrumumzugs widmen, dem Bezug des neuen Standortes in Amsterdam. Während viele Stimmen die Rückkehr Dolderers begrüßen, halten andere den Zeitpunkt der Personalentscheidung mitten in den Umzugsvorhaben für unglücklich. Nächstes Jahr zieht der DeNIC-Hauptsitz innerhalb von Frankfurt um.

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.NZ domain name registrations hit 300,000

InternetNZ through the Domain Name Commission is pleased to announce that the number of registrations of domain names under the .nz TLD has reached 300,000.

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26 September 2007

VeriSign Completes Key Milestones in Initiative to Strengthen and Diversify Critical Internet Infrastructure VeriSign

VeriSign, Inc. announced it has completed key milestones and is on track to expand and diversify the capacity of its critical Internet infrastructure by 10 times by the year 2010. When VeriSign announced the Project Titan initiative in February, it focused on expanding VeriSign's critical infrastructure in scale, location, and investment in new engineering, monitoring and security systems to support the growth in Internet traffic. Since then, VeriSign has increased its capacity to 2 trillion DNS queries a day, continued to diversify its infrastructure globally and created new tools and processes to better monitor and manage traffic and to implement various system upgrades. Also includes "VeriSign Flexes DNS Security Muscle" from Dark Reading.

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Protection of Trade Marks: Online Use and Anticybersquatting - A European Perspective CMS Cameron McKenna

Another report from CMS Cameron McKenna's Law-Now group. This 130 page report includes a reference guide providing a country-by-country perspective for 15 European countries and is available for free download from the Law-Now website, although registration may be required. The introduction to the report is as follows: Trade marks are essential for building business reputations in the modern business world. They enable customers to identify goods and services and develop brand loyalty. Trade marks also strengthen the effectiveness of advertising. Over time, trade marks develop their own brand identity independent of the goods and services they promote. This is particularly relevant as trade marks are increasingly promoted and used in modern media, such as the Internet.

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CMS Cameron McKenna Technology Annual Review 2006 CMS Cameron McKenna

The CMS Cameron McKenna Technology Annual Review is now available to download. The Technology Annual Review summarises some of the most important (and, they hope, interesting) technology related legal news from 2006. It contains short and easy to read news updates on computer crime, spam, copyright in computer games, domain names, ID cards, internet libel and defamation, email signatures, things that are grossly offensive, software patents, eBay, Google, nude sunbathers, and much much more. The guide is a month by month review of selected European technology legal news from 2006.

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New Nominet Consultation On An Important Change To Its Dispute Resolution Service

Nominet held an open consultation last year on reforming their Dispute Resolution Service. Following the consultation, Nominet produced a paper suggesting a number of changes, one of which was the introduction of a default transfer system, providing an automatic transfer of domain names in the event a response to a DRS complaint is not received from the domain name registrant.

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CADNA Responds to ICANN Tasting Survey Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse

ICANN's Domain Tasting Ad Hoc group, who is tasked with examining the impact of domain tasting, recently conducted a survey intended to gather industry opinions and experiences with the Add Grace Period (AGP). The AGP is a five-day period during which registrants are able to cancel their domain and recuperate registration fees paid to the registry.

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25 September 2007

Playing the Name Game: Sometimes, It's a Losing Effort E-Commerce Times

E-Commerce Times has a story on the proliferation of often forgettable online businesses, thought up for a desire to have a memorable domain name. Examples given of names to have failed include "Blish, Colib, Diigo, Eskobo, Gliffy, Gootodo, Goowy, Meebo, Noodly, Otavo, Oyogi, Qoop, Renkoo, Skobee, Tioti, Trumba, Woomp, Wrickr, Zlango and Zoozio."

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24 September 2007

Clicks That Count - Is Click Fraud a Problem? Forbes

Depending on whom you ask, click fraud is either an unsolvable quagmire threatening the online ad industry or, as Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said last year, "immaterial." That disconnect is growing. According to a July report from the click-fraud auditing firm Click Forensics, as much as 15.8% of ad clicks are fraudulent, up a full percent in just three months, the company says. On content networks like Google's Adsense Network, Click Forensics estimates click fraud at greater than 25%, compared with less than 22% in the quarter before.

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Iraq and Zimbabwe for sale!

No, nothing to do with the American occupation of Iraq, or the parlous situation Zimbabwe finds itself in with its brutal ruler, rather Sedo has and listed for sale by auction. Current prices are €400,000 for and US$96,500 for

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23 September 2007

Staking a claim for the .ILI TLD New York Times

TechNewsReview doesn't know how seriously to take these stories, but a Mr. Cesidio Tallini is staking claim to proclaim the sovereign nation of Independent Long Island. And with this proposed proclamation is going to be a claim for the TLD .ILI.

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Things you didn't realize were on the ICANN site: Part 1 by Kieren McCarthy ICANN Blog

One of the consistent gripes about ICANN is that we don't provide sufficient information (which, incidentally is why there is an online survey for people right here to help us understand what you are looking for). This usually prompts the response from ICANN that in fact that information is already available, and has been for years. Which in turn leads to people complaining that it may be there but it is impossible to find which then, by the way, prompts ICANN to try to bring the information up a level from three-clicks-through to two-clicks. Which has the unfortunate knock-on effect of a heavily cluttered page of information. Which, some way down the line, prompts a tidy-up of webpages that then shifts certain types of information down a level again. Someone then can't find it and the circle turns again.

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LexisNexis Launches Essential New Guide to Domain Name Law

LexisNexis, a leading provider of information and services solutions, announced the release of McGrady on Domain Names: A Global Guide to Disputes, Registration, and Maintenance - a new, practical online and print resource for attorneys advising clients on issues and problems involving domain names worldwide. The new volume provides an essential resource for attorneys representing brand owners, parties opposing brand owners, registrars, registries and ancillary service providers in the domain name industry. The publication contains critical domain name data from around the globe and all available data for every country, in a consistently organized format. McGrady on Domain Names also identifies areas where no information is yet available, providing thousands of direct links to domain registries and related websites where legal practitioners can find and examine developments as soon as new information becomes available.

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22 September 2007

.ng domain name registrations reach 3,000 Highway Africa

The Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has increased the number of .ng domain names to over 3,000 in less than six months of its existence. And it hopes to have over one million within the next two years according to Ndukwe Kalu, NiRA chairperson and Amsco Telecom chief executive.

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Request for Comments - ICANN Board Review Draft Terms of Reference ICANN

As part of the 2002-03 Evolution and Reform process, the ICANN community and Board established a principle of ongoing review of ICANN's structures to ensure their continuing relevance and effectiveness. This principle was embedded in the ICANN bylaws -- making it a rare example in an international entity of constitutionally-required ongoing reform. In accordance with this requirement, and as part of ICANNs ongoing commitment to evolution and improvement, the Board approved at ICANN's December 2006 meeting in Sao Paulo a comprehensive schedule for independent review of ICANNs structures. The Board, on the recommendation of the Board Governance Committee, subsequently expanded this list to include the Board itself.

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Notice of Intent to Issue Advisory Regarding the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy ICANN

ICANN has observed that there is confusion within the registrar community concerning the circumstances under which registrars may validly deny transfer requests pursuant to the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy ("Transfer Policy"). The purpose of this Notice of Intent to Issue an Advisory regarding the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy is to allow interested parties 30 days to comment on the proposed advisory. ICANN will consider all comments received at the close of the 30-day comment period.

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.na regulatory workshop deals with ccTLD admin New Era

A workshop to discuss the regulatory framework surrounding the administration of Namibia's ccTLD was held on 20 September in Windhoek. According to Namibia's New Era, the workshop aimed "to prepare a strategy to deal with the administration of Namibia's country code domain, the .na Internet domain."

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ICANN, TWNIC Host "Toward the New Era of Internet" in Taipei ICANN

ICANN is joining forces with the Taiwan Network Information Centre (TWNIC) to host a special regional meeting -- "Toward the New Era of Internet" -- in Taipei 19-21 October 2007. "ICANN, TWNIC, and the global Internet community are tackling some of the most important issues impacting the Internet since its creation," said Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN's President and CEO. "This meeting is an opportunity for technical communities, Internet businesses, and policy makers from the Asia-Pacific to come together and share thoughts and ideas on how we can move forward together."

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Lawyers attack Nominet plan for domain name disputes Out-Law

Nominet has proposed a change in the way that name disputes are handled, but the proposed fast-track system faces criticism for not being radical enough says goes on to say, Nominet is consulting on a plan to streamline the dispute resolution process so that unopposed disputes are automatically resolved in favour of the party claiming a right to the domain name. This is designed to help legitimate rights holders to reclaim domain names held by cybersquatters, who rarely defend against such claims.

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