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02 October 2008

Spain cracks down on child porn with 121 arrests The Guardian

121 people arrested as raids uncover network that distributed files in 75 countries over internet

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30 September 2008

'One-stop shop' to keep British children safe on internet The Times

Help is at hand for parents who fear for their children's safety while using the internet with the launch today of a government scheme aimed at keeping children safe in cyberspace.

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28 September 2008

US Congress takes up online threats to children CNET

Amid an economic crisis, Congress found some time this week to address online threats to children. The Protect Our Children Act, introduced by Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., made it through the Senate on Thursday. Separate bills authored by Sens. John McCain and Hillary Clinton were folded into the legislation, which authorizes more than $320 million for the Justice Department over the next five years for, among other things, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

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UK children at greater risk from online predators as they spend more time indoors Daily Telegraph

British children are at greater risk from online predators than those elsewhere in Europe because their paranoid parents keep them cooped up indoors, a report claims.

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26 September 2008

MySpace, Facebook show off tools that can ward off child predators Computerworld

MySpace is using technology to analyze whether potential users trying to sign up for the social network may be registered sex offenders, the company's chief security officer said today.

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19 September 2008

How To Stop Cyber-Bullying Forbes

Kids can be mean. It's a fact of life we've all experienced. Gone are the days, however, when avoiding a bully meant ducking out of the back door at school. Thanks to personal computers, cellphones and instant messaging, it's now easier than ever for children to attack each other, often anonymously.

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16 September 2008

Australian ISP filtering gains momentum Australian IT

The federal Government's plan to implement content filters at the internet service provider level is one step closer to reality with live trials set to commence after next month.

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13 September 2008

Paedophiles use internet blackmail to claim victims, says CEOP The Times

Paedophiles are publishing an increasing number of sadistic and violent images of younger children on the internet and are abandoning the slow grooming of victims, instead using threats to force them into commiting indecent acts, an intelligence review has found.

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Paedophilia blamed on UK teacher's medication The Independent

A former headmaster who amassed thousands of indecent images of children on his computer walked free from court yesterday, after a judge ruled that the drug he had been taking to treat his Parkinson's disease was responsible for his crime.

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31 August 2008

au: Denmark's Princess Mary shares fear of cyber predators The Weekend Australian

Every parent's greatest fear is shared by Princess Mary, who last night raised awareness of the dangers of online predators and violence in cyberspace at a charity function in Melbourne.

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25 August 2008

Babies are new target, Met warns as paedophile threat spirals The Observer

Children too young to speak are increasingly being targeted by sex offenders - and members of the professions are among those trawling the net for images. In the week Gary Glitter returns, police say the scale of the threat is 'massive'

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My husband, the internet paedophile: A tale of secrets, lies and family breakdown Independent on Sunday

Next week the BBC screens a major new drama about the families of men caught sharing images of child sex abuse. Here, researcher Clare Dwyer Hogg meets three wives whose real experiences informed the show - and hears how one knock on the door changed their lives forever...

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20 August 2008

Global reach of paedophile mastermind Philip Thompson The Times

A global investigation into internet child abuse has led to 50 arrests in Britain with dozens more expected, police said yesterday.

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au: Police bust group of alleged child porn downloaders Computerworld

The AFP has arrested six men and seized over two million child pornography images alleged to have been downloaded from an international paedophile network.

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19 August 2008

uk: Paedophile 'librarian' is jailed BBC

The "librarian" of a global internet child abuse ring has been jailed. Philip Anthony Thompson, 27, of Stockton-on-Tees, was handed an indefinite sentence for public protection at Teesside Crown Court.

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16 August 2008

Canadian paedophile gets three years for molesting Thai boy The Guardian

A Canadian teacher who was unmasked after his digitally swirled image was unscrambled has been sentenced to three years and three months in jail for abusing a 14-year-old boy in Thailand.

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13 August 2008

UK mobile firms urged to improve age filtering The Guardian

The mobile phone industry is considering introducing cinema-style classifications for mobile phone content, to prevent children using the latest internet-enabled handsets to access websites that contain unsuitable material.

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08 August 2008

UK children evade social websites' age limits The Guardian

Nearly a quarter of children between the ages of eight and 12 are evading the age restrictions imposed by social networking sites Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, a poll of young people revealed last night.

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05 August 2008

Australian net censorship to cost users Australian IT

Internet users could be forced to subsidise the federal Government's quest to censor the internet, with early estimates indicating the scheme could cost $60 million a year.

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23 July 2008

Online Safety, Privacy Tops US Parents' Concerns Information Week

The survey of 1,035 adults, as well as 260 pairs of parents and teens, highlighted how little parents know about their teens' activities online.

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US Government strikes out on COPA-ruled unconstitutional again ars technica

A federal court once again struck down the 1998 Child Online Protection Act (COPA) today, ruling it unconstitutional, overbroad, and vague. It has been 10 years since the law's introduction and it has yet to be enforced thanks to the courts ruling repeatedly against it, despite the government's continued appeals.

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22 July 2008

US ISPs sign nationwide deal to ban child porn vnunet

The majority of internet service providers in the US have signed a pact to ban child pornography from being viewed online.

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21 July 2008

UK fails to bar internet access to child porn The Observer

Almost a million UK households could access websites known to host images of child sex abuse despite a government pledge made two years ago to stop access to paedophile sites.

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18 July 2008

Children from around the world discuss internet safety; Survey says 11% of kids have online sex chats BBC

Children from around the world are meeting in London to discuss how they can better protect themselves from the dangers posed by the internet.

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17 July 2008

uk: Online junk-food ads 'targeting children' The Independent

Children are continuing to be targeted by junk food companies advertising their products over the internet or through "viral" promotions, despite a ban on television adverts promoting unhealthy food to the under-16s.

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