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25 October 2008

Older adults 'no old fools' on cybersex ABC News

Cybersex is not just for the young with older adults using internet technology to liberate their libidos, according to an Australian researcher.

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24 October 2008

Facebook is to blame for 'friendship addiction' and is fuelling insecurity in users Daily Telegraph

Facebook, the social networking site, is to blame for 'friendship addiction' and is fuelling insecurity in users, according to psychologists.

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NYT's Sulzberger: 'We can't care' if newspapers die CNET

Could the Information Age's fast-paced news overload be a boon to the old-media companies that it was supposedly going to force out of business?

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23 October 2008

Online transactions, streamed content, email and social networking signal changes in how Australians use the internet Australian Communications and Media Authority

Email, online banking, paying bills and news and weather updates are the most common uses of the internet by Australians this year, according to research released today by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

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Financial Downturn Hits Internet Advertising Forbes

Google's dominance in internet advertising is set to grow predicts Forbes magazine as the current downturn in the economy sees all providers of internet advertising and search suffer.

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Our Dangerous Email Addiction PC World

With the economy in trouble, job security has become a major fear for many people. As a result, the need to be in contact with your workplace 24/7 has led to a growing trend of e-mail addiction, according to a report conducted by Osterman Research for the IT data recovery firm Neverfail.

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Facebook's Roar Becomes a Meow Newsweek

Putting ads in front of Facebook users is like hanging out at a party and interrupting conversations to hawk merchandise.

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22 October 2008

Women 'prefer computers to men' Daily Telegraph

Women office workers spend almost three times as much time with their computer than their husbands or boyfriends - and they prefer it that way, an American study has revealed.

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'Digitally addicted kids threaten to return civilisation to the Dark Ages' by Andrew Keen The Independent

The internet is creating a generation of ignoramuses with tiny attention spans, who will surely become the dumbest generation in history.

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21 October 2008

How Microsoft will compete with 'free' CNET

CNET Guest post: Jean-Louis Gassée explains how Microsoft's future business model will borrow from both Apple and Google to compete with the free world of software.

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Wealthy Asians use phones to blog, take photos Reuters

For wealthy Asians, mobile phones and Blackberrys are much more than a way to stay in touch, with a survey finding portable communication devices increasingly being used to watch videos, take pictures and surf the Web.

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Technology Keeps American Families Close, Study Says Washington Post

... "We were surprised to see that lots of families treat the Internet as a place for shared experiences," Tracy Kennedy, author of a new report about the survey called "Networked Families," said in a statement. "They don't just withdraw from the family to their own computer for private screen time. They pretty regularly say, 'Hey--look at this!' to others in the household."

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20 October 2008

Satellites? Are they nuts? A new satellite-broadband system hopes to succeed where others failed The Economist

Making a big, risky investment in these turbulent times might seem a bit daft. And investing in a satellite-broadband project sounds dafter still: billions were lost on similar projects during the 1990s. So why would investors in O3b Networks, a start-up based on the island of Jersey, put €500m ($680m) into another such system -- and one which depends on finding customers in the world's poorest regions?

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Australian Tax Office eyes eBay traders The Age

The Australian Tax Office is conducting a sting on unscrupulous eBay users who attempt to avoid paying tax on income earned through the site.

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19 October 2008

Google relies on "old" media for content The Australian

Google says it wants "old" media to remain robust so it can continue generating searchable content.

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18 October 2008

In Targeting Online Ads, Campaigns Ask: Who's Searching for What? Washington Post

A day after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin winked playfully during the recent vice presidential debate, the number of people typing "palin wink" into the Google search engine surged, rising to No. 3 on the service's list of newly popular queries.

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Queen visits Google - and is amused by YouTube video of laughing baby boy Daily Telegraph

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were reduced to a fit of giggles when they toured the London headquarters of Google and were shown a YouTube video of a laughing baby boy.

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Google uses Britain as gambling guinea pig; reverses policy The Independent

Bookmakers and online casinos will be able to advertise on Google in Britain, the world's most popular internet search engine, from today.

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15 October 2008

Internet use 'good for the brain' BBC

For middle aged and older people at least, using the internet helps boost brain power, research suggests.

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14 October 2008

us: Newspapers' Web Revenue Is Stalling New York Times

Newspapers, already facing a grim economic forecast, are digesting another piece of bad news: the growth in online advertising they saw as their salvation has slowed to a crawl.

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Internet-based Pacific TV in works New Zealand Herald

A new internet-based Pacific Island channel is set to be launched as a number of new stations are developed to bring Polynesian culture to a wider audience.

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uk: FA condemns children's internet hooligan game Daily Telegraph

A new internet craze where young boys create virtual hooligan characters and fight with guns, swords and baseball bats.

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25 years of mobile phones: An evolution from talk to text Los Angeles Times

Bob Barnett's phone call launched a nearly $150-billion-a-year industry. Twenty-five years ago today, during a media event at Chicago's Soldier Field, the president of Ameritech Mobile Communications made the nation's first commercial cellphone connection. He rang up Alexander Graham Bell's grandson on a Motorola DynaTAC handset that weighed 2 1/2 pounds and retailed for $3,995.

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Computers fail the Turing thought test The Guardian

... Anyone who has ever felt that their computer has a mind of its own will sympathise with the experience of attempting to get some sense out of a piece of software. But what if your laptop really could strike up a conversation unaided? Experts at the University of Reading yesterday claimed to have put that possibility to the test, with a supposedly scientific investigation of whether computers can indeed think for themselves.

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13 October 2008

Amid the Gloom, an E-Commerce War New York Times

When the e-commerce giant eBay emerged from the last recession seven years ago with an aura of invincibility, its chief executive, Meg Whitman, boasted that "eBay is to some extent recession-proof."

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