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30 May 2009

Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage Wars in Cyberspace New York Times

The Pentagon plans to create a new military command for cyberspace, administration officials said Thursday, stepping up preparations by the armed forces to conduct both offensive and defensive computer warfare.

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Experts: Gumblar attack is alive, worse than Conficker CNET

The Web site compromise attack known as Gumblar has added new domain names that are downloading malware onto unsuspecting computers, stealing FTP credentials to compromise more sites, and tampering with Web traffic, a security firm said on Thursday.

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Craigslist chief Jim Buckmaster: we're the victim of a witch-hunt The Guardian

Classified advertising website Craigslist has been the victim of a "witch-hunt" by self-interested politicians and the hypocritical media, according to the man in charge of the company.

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29 May 2009

EBay has 'no legal duty' to protect others' trade marks, says UK High Court OUT-LAW News

Online auction site eBay has "no legal duty" to protect other companies' trade marks or stop its sellers from infringing them, the High Court has said.

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Obama Cybersecurity Review Due Friday National Journal

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters Tuesday the results of the Obama administration's 60-day review of the federal government's cybersecurity posture will be released Friday.

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More Than 80% Of Phishing Attacks Use Hijacked, Legitimate Websites Dark Reading

New research from the Anti-Phishing Working Group shows how phishers are better covering their tracks -- and what to do when phishers compromise your Website

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27 May 2009

Obama Set to Create A Cybersecurity Czar With Broad Mandate Washington Post

President Obama is expected to announce late this week that he will create a "cyber czar," a senior White House official who will have broad authority to develop strategy to protect the nation's government-run and private computer networks, according to people who have been briefed on the plan.

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26 May 2009

Clickjacking: Hijacking clicks on the Internet CNET

What if you reached to grab a newspaper out of a news stand and you found a rock in your hand instead? How about opening the front door to a grocery store and ending up on a boat?

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US Judge Backs Craigslist in South Carolina Case Wall Street Journal

A federal judge on Friday blocked South Carolina's attorney general from making any move to prosecute Craigslist Inc. executives for ads that lead to prostitution arrests while the company pursues a lawsuit against the state.

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Unlikely Allies Say U.K. Libel Laws Limit Speech New York Times

The American Civil Liberties Union may not often see eye-to-eye with the American Center for Democracy, a research group with neoconservative credentials. But the two organizations are united on at least one thing: their distaste for British libel laws, which they say are being exploited to suppress free speech in Britain and beyond.

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24 May 2009

In Germany, widespread spying is back, this time electronically by corporations Los Angeles Times

Hundreds of thousands of employees have had their mobile phone, e-mail and computer records secretly searched. Companies say they did it to expose misconduct.

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23 May 2009

Cybersecurity Groups Launch "Chain of Trust" Initiative to Combat Malware Center for Democracy and Technology

[news release] Three of the world's leading cybersecurity groups today launched a new initiative to combat malicious software (malware) by establishing a "Chain of Trust" among all organizations and individuals that play a role in securing the Internet.

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EBay win against L'Oreal in UK High Court Computerworld

EBay Inc. cannot be held legally accountable for the sale of fake L'Oreal goods, including perfumes and face creams, on its Web site, according to a decision in the U.K. High Court.

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'Gumblar' PC virus targets Google users, warn experts The Guardian

A computer virus that targets Google users is mutating rapidly, turning it into what some are calling the biggest threat to online security today.

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22 May 2009

English cricket calls for tough new laws on ticket touts The Guardian

The England and Wales Cricket Board has called for tough new laws against ticket touts, after private investigators employed by the board tracked down more than 1,900 "black market" tickets for the ICC World Twenty20 made available through internet sites such as eBay.

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Conficker still infecting 50,000 PCs per day Computerworld

The Conficker worm is still infecting systems at a brisk rate and continues to snag computers in Fortune 1000 companies, according to security researchers.

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Websites 'keeping deleted photos' BBC News

User photographs can still be found on many social networking sites even after people have deleted them, Cambridge University researchers have said.

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Craigslist Sues South Carolina in Preemptive Legal Strike Computerworld

Turning the legal tables, Craigslist Inc. this morning filed a lawsuit against the attorney general of South Carolina for threatening to file criminal charges against the online classified advertising service.

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20 May 2009

Cybersecurity groups pledge to work together Computerworld

Three cybersecurity groups want to create a network of organizations and people focused on securing the Internet in an effort to combat malicious software.

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Chinese Regulations Target Rising Cybercrime CIO

China has targeted cybercrime in three new sets of regulations issued this month as the activity starts to look like an established industry in the country.

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Google Threatened With Sanctions Over Photo Mapping Service in Germany New York Times

A German data protection official on Tuesday threatened Google, the world's largest search company, with "unspecified sanctions" if the company did not change its Street View panoramic photo mapping service to conform to the country's strict privacy laws.

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Report: Over 60 Percent of Websites Contain Serious Vulnerabilities Dark Reading

Most Websites harbor at least one major vulnerability, and over 80 percent of Websites have had a critical security flaw, according to new data released today by WhiteHat Security.

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Web attack that poisons Google results gets worse Network World

A new attack that peppers Google search results with malicious links is spreading quickly, the U.S. Computer Emergence Response Team warned on Monday.

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16 May 2009

Australian man charged over 'anti-Semitic' YouTube video The Independent

Police have charged a man who allegedly posted a video on YouTube with inciting racism under a so-far untested Australian state law, officials said today. A newspaper report said the video targeted Jews.

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Hong Kong tech jailed for stealing sex-with-starlet photos The Age

A computer technician was jailed for eight and a half months today for stealing photos of a Hong Kong pop star having sex with starlets that would be seen by millions of people via the internet.

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