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30 March 2017

Mobile now accounts for nearly 70% of digital media time (Search Engine Land)

Time spent with digital media continues to grow — but that growth is all mobile. Last week, comScore released its “2017 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus” report, which tracks consumer usage patterns across digital media channels and platforms.

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What the Repeal of US Online Privacy Protections Means for You (New York Times)

Congress on Tuesday moved to dismantle online privacy rules created during the Obama era. The rules, which were scheduled to take effect this year, would have required internet providers to get permission before collecting and selling a customer’s online information, including browsing activities.

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29 March 2017

.AFRICA Announce Launch Schedule With Sunrise Commencing on 4 April

It took a couple of years to wind its way through the courts, and the vanquished DotConnect Africa hasn’t given up yet, but ICANN has delegated the right to operate the .africa new gTLD and the ZA Central Registry has announced the launch dates.

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Berlin Now Has One Million .DE Domains As .DE Growth Rate Declines

The German capital of Berlin passed the one million .de domain name registrations in 2016, with 1,006,806 domains registered to its inhabitants at the end of the year, ahead of Munich (600,538) and Hamburg (585,772). But on a per capita basis Osnabruck once again is the leader with 1,516 .de domains per 1,000 inhabitants, again far ahead of all its competitors. As in 2015 it was followed by Munich (420) and Bonn (413).

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DENIC-Domainstatistik 2016: Regionale Verteilung von .de in Deutschland (DENIC)

In jedem Dorf, jedem Landkreis und in den Metropolen sowieso – .de-Domains sind in ganz Deutschland registriert. Über die genaue geografische Verteilung informiert alljährlich die Domainstatistik der DENIC eG.

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US Congress Moves to Overturn Obama-Era Online Privacy Rules (New York Times)

Congress completed its overturning of the nation’s strongest internet privacy protections for individuals on Tuesday in a victory for telecommunications companies, which can track and sell a customer’s online information with greater ease.

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UK government can force encryption removal, but fears losing, experts say (The Guardian)

The government already has the power to force technology firms to act as it wants over end-to-end encryption, but is avoiding using existing legislation as it would force it into a battle it would eventually lose, security experts have said.

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28 March 2017

Brands Try to Blacklist Breitbart, but Ads Slip Through Anyway (New York Times)

Since the presidential election, hundreds of companies have decided to block their advertisements from running on Breitbart News, the alt-right website closely tied to President Trump’s administration. But several of those brands, from the Nordstrom department store chain to small start-ups, have appeared on the site anyway, another example of how little control companies often have over where their ads are seen online.

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Are we finally reacting to the disruptive supremacy of Facebook and Google? by Will Hutton (The Observer)

The internet celebrated its 28th birthday a fortnight ago. It’s an invention that ranks alongside the wheel, immunisation against disease and the internal combustion engine as a transformer of human existence. As an open information digital connector, it is an extraordinary force for individual liberation, embodying the very best of Enlightenment values: more information is available to more people through their mobile phones and personal computers than ever before.

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WhatsApp's privacy protections questioned after UK terror attack (BBC News)

Chat apps that promise to prevent your messages being accessed by strangers are under scrutiny again following last week's terror attack in London.

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Push for Internet Privacy Rules Moves to US Statehouses (New York Times)

Now that Republicans are in charge, the federal government is poised to roll back regulations limiting access to consumers’ online data. States have other ideas.

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26 March 2017

Internet firms must do more to tackle online extremism, says No 10 (The Guardian)

Downing Street has called for social media companies to do more to expunge extremist material from the internet.

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End-to-end encryption on messaging services is unacceptable - UK Home Secretary (Reuters)

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Sunday end-to-end encryption of messages offered by services like Whatsapp are "completely unacceptable" and there should be no "secret place for terrorists to communicate".

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24 March 2017

YouTube Advertiser Exodus Highlights Perils of Online Ads (New York Times)

When Google acquired YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion, it was considered a pricey gamble, one made with the belief that an online service known for pirated videos and vapid user-generated content could appeal to major advertisers.

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The Senate just voted to undo landmark rules covering America's Internet privacy (Washington Post)

Senate lawmakers voted Thursday to repeal a historic set of rules aimed at protecting consumers' online data from their own Internet providers, in a move that could make it easier for broadband companies to sell and share their customers' usage information for advertising purposes.

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23 March 2017

CENTR Report On Everything You Want To Know About What Happened At ICANN58

Did you want to know what happened at the recent ICANN meeting in Copenhagen? Or did you go and spend the week networking and socialising, and miss what happened in the meeting rooms? CENTR have produced a comprehensive report with 13 pages of meeting reports to get you through.

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DENIC Expands Services Becoming Official Provider Of Data Escrow for ICANN-Accredited Registrars

A number of top level domain registries are looking for more business opportunities. Some such as have ventured into providing backend registry services for new gTLDs. Others such as SIDN, the .nl registry has expanded by co-creating a DNS billing service in the Netherlands and taking over an e-identity company with 12 million users.

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22 March 2017

MMX Targets One Million .VIP Registrations And Asian Expansion Of Its New gTLDs

Minds Machines Group, aka MMX, who operates 26 new gTLDs with over 852,000 domains under management has announced it is targeting one million .vip registrations as part of an expansion into Asia.

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Google Tries to Stop Ads From Appearing Next to Hate Speech (New York Times)

Google moved on Tuesday to protect its lucrative advertising business by giving marketers greater control over where their ads appear online, after major clients withdrew spots that were shown next to hate speech and other offensive material.

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e-waste: What happens to discarded televisions, computers and mobile phones? (ABC News)

Millions of televisions, computers and mobile phones are discarded in Australia each year. So what happens to all that electronic waste?

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US judge asks Google to name people who searched for fraud victim (The Guardian)

Google has been served with a search warrant by a Minnesota judge which requires the firm to hand over personally identifiable information on anyone who has searched for a particular name.

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21 March 2017

Makeway.World Launches Stats Hub Tool To Monitor .BRAND Usage

There are 568 brands that have launched their own gTLD in 41 countries with 6,856 domains registered, an average of 12.07 domains per brand gTLD today. But previously finding this usage information was difficult. So now MakeWay.World has launched Stats Hub to enable a quick and easy way to see how many domain names each .brand gTLD has registered, how they’re being used, and any other TLDs owned by that applicant.

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20 March 2017

.NZ Works To Resolve "Conflicted" Domains

The .NZ Domain Name Commissioner has issued proposed changes to enable the resolution of “conflicted” domain names following the release of second level domains. The changes aren’t changes to the process, which currently has no time limits, but rather one of engagement and requiring action to resolve the conflict.

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19 March 2017

Extremists made £250,000 from ads for UK brands on Google, say experts (The Guardian)

Extremists and hate preachers are estimated by marketing experts to have made at least $318,000 (£250,000) from adverts for household brands and government departments placed alongside their YouTube videos.

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UN Broadband Commission: Time for a "New Deal" if Broadband is to reach everyone, everywhere (International Telecommunication Union)

The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development held its 2017 Spring Meeting in Hong Kong, SAR of China, today, and committed to concrete actions that will spur the roll-out of broadband around the world. Currently, some 5 billion people are without mobile broadband access, meaning that the paths to access digital services and applications are currently blocked for much of the world's population, thereby holding back progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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